Which fabric is the best for nightwear?

Sleep wear is a dress where your fantasy can reign upto any extend. Not forgetting the comfort, luxury and flexibility it offers, the way it makes you feel sexy and aphrodiasc is unparallel.

Sleep wear is a wardrobe staple. No wardrobe is complete without it. When we talk of comfort wear, sleepwear is the first to strike our minds. A woman always wants to look good and feel good, even while she is asleep. And this is what accounts for the modern day versions of night wears. Comfort, fashion and style makes for the popularity of sleep wears. The sleepwear caters to the varied needs of women who have varied and diverse personalities, tastes and choices.

Your night wear may also reflect your mood. You may wear a sexy, sleek and haute nightie for a romantic expedition where as, on a casual stressed out day you may prefer wearing some relaxing and easy to do styles of sleep wears, like a sleep shirt. The selection of your nightie also depends on the fact as to where you have to wear the sleepwear. Perhaps, on your honeymoon or on your romatic weekeends you may like to sport a erotic sleepwear like a negligee done in some chic fabric, like silks, satins etc. Whereas, while on some official tours or visit to some relatives or friends place you may prefer wearing some comfortable yet modest sleepwear.

Season also has an important role to play in almost all the garments you wear, sleep wear being no exception to it. You may prefer wearing a softknit cotton nightie that offers greater coverage as well as warmth. A hot summer night may be followed by a cotton sleep shirt or a loose fitting cotton nightie.

You have a wide range of garments to chose from. You can select from the pyjamas, some sexy nightie, flannel granny nightgown, a sleep shirt, chemise as well as camisoles.

What makes for a good sleepwear

Comfort matters: Comfort is why you wear a nightwear for. So keep away all the show-bizz when it comes to sleep. Afterall, we all need a good and sound sleep for a healthy and good living.

Fabric matters: Floral printed silk fabric, is the best fabric for your sleepwear. Cotton may help your skin breathe and let you relax.custom digital print fabricHowever, you have a wide variety to choose from, like silk, rayon, satin, polyester etc. But keep these reserved for some romantic expeditions. However, silk being a natural fabric may permit breatheability.

Size matters: Wear a size that allows free and unrestricted movement to your body parts. A loose fitting sleepwear promises more comfort and ease. Afterall, it’s your bedroom where you can wear something that ensures your comfort first.

Design matters:
Wear simple. Wear a design that has no extras to it. Avoid all embellishments, unless you are on a date. See to it that your nightwear doesnot feature too much of pockets, flaps, frills etc. The extra fabric or the extra feature might be a problem. See to it that there are no seams or minimal seams.

Season matters: Wear cottons to combat the summer heat, particularly if you live in a tropical country. You can wear nylons or thermal fabrics during winters. Polysters may prove to be quite warmer. So, wear accordingly.

Types of sleep wear

Baby dolls

Baby dolls are your favorites when it come to nightwears. They are highly comfortable and flexible. You may also pair them with a number of your other garments, thanks to it’s versatility.

Baby dolls are a shorter and more popular version of negligee. They are mostly categorised as a lingerie. The design fetaures a short tank top that barely reaches upto your thighs. They are very often available paired with matching panties.

They are loose-fitting, usually sleeveless garments that may be made of sheer fabrics with laces and trimmings. Nylons, polyesters etc are also used to make babydolls. However, cottons promise more comfort and breatheability.  Bows, ribbns, laces, furs, may all be featured on babydolls to make you appear sensous and erotic.

They are usually made to feature no sleeves at all. They feature no straps at all, and it any, then they are necessarily the thinest possible ones like the spaghetti straps.

They usually fetaure an in-built bra, eliminating all needs of an extra undergarment. However, some may like to sport one with no inbulit bras for a more erotic appeal.

They most often have a front tie-up closure that make is easy to wera or undress. Most designs usually leave your abdomen exposed.

However, if comfort is your priority and the purpose that you want to wear a baby doll for, then go for plainer ones with no or very little trimmings. Remember that the trimmings may be stratchy and irritating. Make sure that you have the one done in some cotton material.

Baby dolls are often worn by small children. However, you may get your chic and sexy babydolls on the streets too by pairing one with a matching pair of leggins.


Night gowns are commonly associated with two styles: the sexy negligee and the flannel granny.

A nightgown is the most wildely worn night-time garment. They are available in a number of versions, designs are styles. They are loose fitting, free draping garments that are designed so as to ensure comfortable and flexibility.

They are made of cottons, silks, satins, nylons, poylsters and flannels. The more chic and feminine versions may feature laces, trimmings, collars, frills, bows, flowers etc.

They may run upto your ankles, like a dress, or may reach somewhere an inches or two above or below your kness. A negligee is often associated with a nightie that is short in length.

Also, a Peignoir is a nightie that comes paired with an innerwear for the bottom.


They are loose, they are sensuous, they are sexy, they are erotic, they are chic, and they are your best companions as a nightwear. They are made of sheer fabrics that are translucent enough to let your skin breathe as well as show the best of you!! They are made more feminine and  appealing with the use of lace trimmings, bows, etc.  They are revealing and may not cover your body completely but may offer little but modest coverage. Rest depends on you, how your wear and pose them!!

Negligees are usually made of chic fabrics like silk. However, some cheaper and inexpensive varities are made in nylon and polyster. No doubts, these fabrics may not provide you the comfort and breathebility that you may desire out of your nightwear.

The length of a negligee may vary. You may wear one running upto your ankles, or one reaching upto your knees or above.


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