How To Wear The Bodycon/Bandage Dress Trend


Short for “bandage dresses”,bandage dresses is a huge trend.

Though bodycons are a rising fashion trend, some women seem to prefer their time and tested A-line cuts. But then again, seeing celebrities parade in all colours of bodycon bandage dresses is enough to get those same women rushing online to grab as many bodycon dresses as they can afford.  Once you try a bodycon, you are hooked.  If you never thought of the unique, flattering qualities of bodycons, according to body type, you have come to the right place!  Though each dress is perfectly designed to flatter every woman, if you are in question, let’s take a look at four bodycon dresses that provide secret benefits to any body type.

bandage dress bandage dress bandage dress bandage dress bandage dress bandage dress


But how do you wear it? Will it be flattering? How can you keep your look sultry, not trashy? Read on, girlies! I’ll let you know.

Body-Con Tips: Don’t be afraid! The thought of tight, figure-hugging clothing probably inspires fear in the majority of women, but it shouldn’t! Most body-con pieces are actually pretty flattering, due to the fact that they suck you in, smoothing out your shape. Choose what to showcase. Sure, a tight bandage dress is a great option for a night at the club, it’s best to decide what assets to flaunt and cover the rest! Pick your pairings wisely. What you wear with your body-con is almost as important as the body-con item itself! For city chic looks, pair body-con dresses with bombers, boyfriend blazers, or jean jackets. If you’re doing the body-con thing in the AM (or any in-class hours!) choose conservative shoes–think ballet flats or boots. Even your accessories can provide some needed coverage, so go ahead and pull out your scarf from last fall! It’s all about striking a balance between showing off your hot bod and keeping it classy.

The good news is it does not take a lot of investment to get your hands on a bodycon dress, our fantastic, bodycon bandage dresses are available online at . Plus, here’s a little secret.  Not all bodycon dresses draw attention to your problem areas. In fact, if you need a little encouragement, you can slim up your figure with the help of shapewear.  Either way, any garment worn with confidence makes you look like a million dollars.  So strut tall when wearing one of our bodycon dresses.  Whip out those high heels and be ready to impress in your flattering bodycon bandage dress!


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