Women’s Fashion and Style: What are the five essentials of your wardrobe?

I love talking about fashion. The color that dominates my wardrobe? Same as you: black. I think it’s actually illegal to be a New Yorker and not love black clothing.

My five essentials:

1. A white t-shirt. There’s still nothing I feel sexier or more comfortable in than a plain, white t-shirt. It was that way when I was 16 and it still that way now at 30. I like the t-shirts from Everlane.

2. A black leather bandage jacket. A good black leather jacket is a staple that will never go out of style, and adds an instant dash of cool and toughness to whatever you’re wearing underneath.

3. A good pair of jeans. I’ve been faithful to J. Brand jeans for five years now; I love their cuts and washes. I like when they produce their jeans in stiffer fabrics. The fabrics forcefully suck your thighs in. What woman doesn’t like that?

4. A good, structured black bag. My current bag for the last three years has mainly been a Rebecca Minkoff “Morning After”, and it’s holding up reasonably well. Classic enough for every day, with enough detail in the gold hardware accents to add interest.

5. Leather leggings. I never thought I would like leather leggings, but I broke down and bought a pair recently and now wear them constantly (three times a week). They add more interest to my daily look than plain leggings, are warm enough for winter, and the black keeps them classic looking enough to pair with pretty much anything; a silky button-down, a boxy sweater, a t-shirt, you name it.

My ideal outfit is a blazer (sometimes a leather blazer, sometimes a wool blend), a silky blouse (or sweater now that it’s winter), well-tailored jeans or leggings, and ankle boots with a walkable heel, 2.5″ or under. This pretty much the uniform of 90% of the women in New York City.

I love fashion and enjoy trends, but I am NOT willing to suffer for fashion like I was at 18. If it isn’t comfortable, I won’t wear it; I don’t care how trendy/sexy/chic it is.

I’m also currently in the midst of a career transition and am now interning in the fashion industry. So, looking chic is pretty much a work requirement.

It’s tiresome sometimes to always wonder if your outfit is ‘cool’ enough, but at the same time, I know if I was left to my own devices I’d be in sweat pants every day. So, it’s probably good that I’m working in an industry where I’m required to look at least somewhat presentable.



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