latest trends in fashion accessories

Are you a fashion freak? Then you must know the name of herve bandage dress They always look slimmer in all occasion.The bandage dress moldes every body into the perfect shape. It enhances your curves and hides perfect imperfections in all the right places .That is why women wish to wear bandage dress in all events and functions. These dresses are also known as bodycon dresses.


Putting on a bandage or bodycon dress is a bold statement that conveys positive self-esteem and confidence in your body, appearance, and style. In general quality bandage dresses are made from sturdy, heavy fabrics often featuring rayon, spandex, and nylon. A quality bandage dress is designed and constructed to hug your body like a second skin and cling to your curves to support and shape your feminine proportions. Fashionistas everywhere love bandage dresses because they are versatile, trendy, and flattering.

When paired with the right accessories, a quality bandage dress serves as both day and evening wear in a heartbeat. Choosing the right accessories is of utmost importance. This means finding the right coat, bandage jacket, jewelry, belts, tights, and shoes play key roles in pulling off certain looks.

For most people, a bandage dress is the epitome of a revealing party dresses. If this intimidates you, it shouldn’t. A bandage dress has the ability to be dressed up or down and when smartly paired with a coat or a bandage jacket provides just enough cover without reducing your sexy. Not just any coat or bandage jacket gets the job done when looking to use a coat or bandage jacket as more cover. For example, your favorite parka keeps you warm but it may do nothing to enhance your bandage dress or contribute to your sultry look. We’ve compiled a few simple rules to keep in mind when choosing coats to wear with your bandage dresses. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you rock a hot outfit throughout the winter and fall.

Enhancing Your Bandage Dress

The coat you choose to wear with your bandage dress serves multiple purposes. It keeps you warm on chilly nights, and if chosen well, it also serves to enrich the look of your bandage dress. While choosing your coat, it is important to remember that the purpose of wearing the coat is to enhance your bandage dress, and not hide it or add unnecessary pounds to your silhouette. For example, a bandage jacket may be acceptable with denim jean by itself but when worn with a bandage dress it tends to only add unnecessary bulk to your ensemble and draw attention to your midsection. The trick is to choose a coat that boasts a flattering cut and draws attention to the right places – depending on your body type.

Take Your Bandage Dress Along. While shopping for coats to wear with your bandage dresses it is always a good idea to take your dress along with you on your shopping spree. Often, a coat that looks great when you wear it in the store does not quite work with your bandage dress. Avoid fashion disasters by trying on your prospective coat and bandage dress together before you splurge or settle on one.

Get a Tailored Fit. A good way to ensure that the coat you pick flatters your body type is by getting it tailored to fit your silhouette. Once you choose the perfect coat for your dress drop by a local seamstress. Buying a suitable coat off the rack and taking it to your local tailor so that he/she is able to take the sides, lift or let out the hem, or add darts give any store bought coat custom fitted coat.

Keep the Event in Mind. Do you intend to wear your bandage dress for a casual event? A denim jacket or shrug might just be the perfect option for you. However, this look does not float well for evening dinners or formal venues. When it comes to such events, a fitted blazer thrown over your bandage dress adds elegance and chic class to your ensemble. Choose your coat to wear with your bandage dresses based on the event you plan on attending.

Accessorize Correctly. Accessories go a very long way in helping you dress up or down your bandage dress-and-coat ensemble. For formal events, keep the accessorizing to a minimal. Opt for less jewelry of medium to small sized pieces such as studs and simple matching pendants. Wearing the right pair of shoes is pivotal to nailing your look for your event or venue. Flats and boots paired with a bandage dress and coat are perfect for daytime events. For nighttime soirees and formal events, pair your outfit with chic heels that to provide the illusion of height.

Types of Jackets and Coats

From coats, blazers, and jackets, to vests, cardigans, and shrugs, the sky’s the limit when it comes to chic outerwear options to pair with your bandage dresses. Finding the right type of coat to wear with your bandage dress boils down to finding the right combination of the silhouette of the bandage dress and the length of the jacket. Balancing out these proportions is the key to hitting the right fashion notes.

Cropped Jackets. Wearing a short shrug coat or cropped jacket over a bandage dress is a relatively foolproof way to pair a bandage dress with a coat. A cropped jacket is one that ends at or above your natural waistline. By keeping the jacket unbuttoned or unzipped, you create a flattering vertical line that runs down the front of your body.

For informal events or when you are in an adventurous mood, opt for cropped leather jackets, boleros, denim jackets, Chanel jackets, etc. Other popular options include short tuxedo jackets, shrunken blazers, faux fur shrugs, and retro trapeze jackets. If you are gearing up for a formal event, opt for a cropped, fitted blazer. Ensure that the blazer fits you like a glove, especially at the shoulders and sleeves. The cropped style works well with short, knee-length, as well as a little below the midi length bandage dresses.

Denim Coats. Denim coats may not be right for formal dances and events but they make the perfect accessory for casual parties and dances such as nights out in Vegas or a night out with your friend’s to a local bar. A huge trend in the 1990s was denim jackets and they continue to make a comeback this season. Pair your bandage dress and denim coat with bright accessories and heels in a matching color for a well put-together look.

Faux Fur Coats and Vests. With the temperatures dipping, a faux fur coat gives you much needed warmth when paired with a bandage dress. A fine fur coat or vest is the most formal and chic topper that any woman wears to formal affairs. If a full faux fur coat is not your thing, opt for a well-fitted coat with fur cuffs and collar which keep you warm while ensuring that your silhouette stays streamlined and elegant.

Luxe Cardigans. Cardigans look great when paired with bandage dresses but it is important to ensure that you are wearing a cardigan that is made out of luxurious fabric. Think brushed cotton, luxurious cashmere, and fine wool. Other fabrics and synthetic fabrics may give your dress a cheap and unkept look that you otherwise would avoid.

Long, Fitted Blazers. The most preferred outerwear option for celebrities is a long, fitted blazer. When paired with bandage dresses of shorter hemlines, a long, fitted blazer is a great style alternative. During fall and winter seasons, opt for fitted blazers in dark shades of navy, black, or charcoal grey.

Knee-length Coats. Knee-length trench coats or wool coats are as long as or a little longer than the bandage dress you are wearing are a fashion no-brainer. Belted, fit-and-flare coats work with bandage dresses too. Ensure that your coat is not shorter than your bandage dress. A coat that extends to just a little below the thickest part of your thighs is the perfect length for women of all body shapes. Any longer than this and your coat is likely to make you look shorter and wider, especially if you are petite.

Bomber Jackets. You may not consider bomber jackets as a go-to coat option to pair with bandage dresses, however, boxy bomber jackets, cropped or long, help you add a modern twist to your look. Straight dresses and bandage dresses are easily paired with a bomber as they offer a sleek and fitted under-layer to the jacket.

Deciding on the Best Coat Fabrics

From kimono-sleeved and waterfall cardigans, to single-button peplum blazers, pair your bandage dress with various coat styles to complete your look and provide a bit of coverage and warmth. Keep in mind that the final goal is to enhance the dress and balance your feminine proportions with a coat of the right length and fabric. Fabrics play a role in your bandage dress style based on your style and outfit goals. Certain events require more insulated fabrics while others are ideal for lighter more simple fabrics.

As discussed previously a denim coat works well for more casual looks. Similar alternatives would be longer cotton or cashmere sweaters. Knitted sweaters pair well when paired with scarves and gloves. Another casual coat and jacket alternative is leather. Leather provides a edgy look, keeps you relatively warm, and is available in a variety of styles and cuts. In addition to leather casual trench coats pair well when you need a sophisticated look that is comfy and breezy. Opt for wool if you plan on being in cold weather for an extended period such as a New Year’s parade or at a park’s live music venue.

Inspiration from Fashion Bloggers

Since our beginning we’ve always reached out to the fashion world to ensure what we sell works and is in demand by fashionistas everywhere. We’ve compiled a few of our Style Reviews that feature coats, vests, and jackets to help inspire you and give you visuals of all the things discussed in this article. As you look for a coat or consider other options already in your closet remember that putting on the entire ensemble before making a decision is key. Try on your bandage dress and your coat to see if the look is polished, doesn’t add weight, and gives you confidence.
Marta from Martha’s Fashion Diary…

Marta is based in Bulgaria. She’s a leading fashion blogger known for her style and ability to pull together looks that are versatile. Marta is wearing our two piece bandage dress with a crisp white blazer and flesh toned heels. The look holds many elements that are easily carried into other styles such as swapping out the bandage skirt for a form fitting jeans. Adding a blazer to your bandage dress is fresh, sexy, and chic.


Kurtis are the most indispensable part of any woman’s wardrobe. Comfort and ease of wearing aside, kurtis are so versatile that they can be teamed up with almost anything – long skirts, palazzo pants, leggings, jeans, patiyala pants, churidar bottoms and so on. Of course, like any fashion attire, kurtis get makeovers every season in the fashion world.

The year 2015 was no different. What with the celebs of tinsel town stepping out in new and glamorous kurtis, the designers decided to kick start their own new and fresh collections. So what are the latest kurti patterns taking over the Indian fashion world right now? Let’s have a look at some of those new patterns of kurtis.


It does not matter whether you use the front buttons or not, they are simply beautiful, and add that extra “oomph” factor to the whole look. This season, more and more designers are using big, bold and quirky buttons to add that extra dimension to theirkurti patterns. From large and circular, from bedazzled gems to embellished stones, the experimentation with buttons has ranged from slightly crazy to stunningly pretty. These latest kurta designs for women are definitely in our style radar!



How to make slits newer and sexier? Simple, put them in the front! The latest designer kurti patterns involve this bold fashion move, wherein, some latest kurti designs take it one step further by midrib revealing pattern and incorporating bold geometric layering and patterns. It is just the right combination of modern, edgy, regal and traditional. Don’t you agree?



One of the most popular patterns for kurtis in 2015 have been heavily inspired from Western cuts, fabrics and designs. This means the indian kurtis designs have become bolder and slightly edgier, involving concepts from abstract art, unique colour combinations, the combination of the oriental with the western and patterns as well as quirky cuts. For the ladies who love to make head turns, these new patterns of kurtis are just the thing for you!



When Alia Bhatt recently wore a printed ethnic jacket over her designer kurti to a recent red carpet event, people simply could not stop talking about it. So, the designers decided to take a leaf out of her book and created a similarly inspired look, which consist of patterns for kurtis with bold and solid colour, paired with an ethnic jacket printed in traditional Indian patterns, be it bright and colourful geometric shapes, animal prints, mangoes and so on. Of course, this kurti pattern is must try for the all of the gypsy souls out there.



Recently, fashion stores and high end boutiques saw a steady rise in the popularity of the “high low” dresses. So if Indian women were buying high low dresses, perhaps the designers thought, why not have high low kurtis?! The high low pattern of kurti has recently become a personal favourite because of its unique cut, which allows for it to be worn with any type of bottom, pants, jeans or patialas. Also, more and more designers are experimenting with this style to incorporate more complexity. For instance, layered high low kurti styles are a favourite among our Bollywood celebrities.



If the high low cut has made it to this list, can the fish cut be far behind? Known for its unique and complementary fashion cut, the fish cut has seen a glaring success in the year 2015, on both the red carpet as well as the ordinary world. Done with prints, beads, lace, cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, zari work as well as embellishments, this pattern of kurti is here to stay.


You know the saying, ‘Give a girl the right shoes and she’ll conquer the world’? Well designers have certainly put their minds this season to prove this saying right (as if it needed more proving) and to make us more financially irresponsible when it comes to shoes. Like that was possible.

Of course it was. Doh. 10 pairs of shoes for this summer is not such a big deal, especially since some of these styles we already own. Who’s to say we can’t buy extra though? Different colors. Different textures. I mean, Victoria Beckham buys the same dress in every possible color, cause… it’s not the same dress if it’s a different shade. DOH.


I think we can all agree, when it comes to the feet-adorning-expensive-l


mfy-soles-with-a-body, ALL women love to spend, and own as many pairs as there are days in a year. Designers know this. So do retail chains. And it seems as if this summer there’s a fashion conspiracy to make us bankrupt in fabulous shoes. Almost ALL styles are IN, and sitting this one out would be such a shame. So let’s get this thing rolling and see which shoes we MUST buy and wear this summer. SPOILER: the best ones have made the cut, from comfy to impossibly sexy, YET other styles are not excluded. With one amendment though, they must make us feel like a sartorial connaisseur/bitch-I-own-t

his-look! – on heels or not.


1. SNEAKERS. They’ve been around since, well forever, but only for the past say… 4 years have they been in the fashion focus of things, paired with anything that crosses our minds from skirts to sequined dresses to suit trousers or sporty attire. (this of course is a no-brainer, but still stands the test of time). No longer a gym or geek’ish shoe,sneakers and trainers go to Fashion Weeks and even on the red carpets (hello Kristen Stewart!). This summer the white sneakers and thick soled ones are a massive hit as well as the bright styles that just pop against a completely mismatched outfit.


GLADIATOR SANDALS. This is not Sparta, but this is Fashion Land for sure. Romans meet Greeks on the streets of every town anywhere in 2014. Thin or slightly thick soled sandals made of thousands of straps that cage the feet all the way to the ankles or even knees– are the shoes to wear this summer if you wanna walk for miles, and miles, and miles, while looking very very chic. Black ones are quite the dark edgy statement, nude ones elongate of course, and white ones (in fewer straps) look kinda posh. Colored ones… I don’t fancy, but I’ll take gold or silver styles anytime. Heels too please.


ESPADRILLES. Ah… the shoes of summer. Of course they’re back, and we already talked about styling them


CHUNKY SHOES. It wouldn’t be the revival of the 90s without these ones, nor the heavy 70s influence going on for a while now. So boho-chic looks are IN. Well… it only makes more sense to go full-70s, or half-70-half-90s on this one, and do the chunky heeled sandals, the heavy looking shoes, the big square heels. You know, the ugly shoes that actually look great!


STILETTOS. Opposites coexist. Extremes meet. Contradictions give birth to great styles. It’s the season of all is in, so if you pass by a girl in 70s shoes on the street and then one in stiletto heeled pumps (you know, the classic ones Kim Kardashian is rarely seen without since her Kanye style period), keep walking, in your sneakers or ballet pumps. You’re not off-trend, and neither are they. Buuuut, I’l say this about the stiletto pumps trend: THANK GOD! We’ve been wearing them forever, and who the hell are we kidding, stilettos look so much better than chunky. And make ANY outfit look absolutely trendy.


LACE-UP SANDALS. Err it’s stilettos and high-end gladiators reunion people. A party of luxe & fashion at your feet,


MULES. Ugly shoes, ugly shoes. (read this as if you sang: ‘smelly cat, smelly cat’). I started off spring with a slightmeh for this trend. Today… (as it usually happens with me) I got bitch slapped by the very trend and woke up loving it. Wore mules once, shall wear them again.


. BIRKENSTOCKS. Ooooooooh it’s the infamous shoe! Cindyfuckingrella-turned-

queen-over-night shoe. I’m still in denial with this one, yet I bow to those who know how to wear the ugly sandal AND look great


ANKLE STRAP SANDAL. The sexy shoe was on a roll last summer and is still up high in the sky, trending big time. More on the hot as hell sandal


CUTOUT BOOTS.Well… the trend is still in, apparently, but more niche oriented. Errrr… sartorials only, cause seriously who else would wear heavy boots in summer? The look is absolutely fantastic for a more rocknoll edgier style, so why the hell not.


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