What is the latest fashion in country?


You know American chick flick movies where the girls wear amazing expensive clothes and everyone turn their heads and gasp because they look so fabulous?

Here is to just give you an idea on what I am talking about:

Wild child

The Clique

The Devil wears Prada

It looks amazing, right? Well, this is actually very similar to the Swedish fashion. Now I’m not going to draw a line and say every single women and girl look like this BUT Swedes are generally very good with fashion, yes and most of the guys are fashion pro’s too.

From my own young generation, The Swedish fashion contains a lot of designer clothes, bags, and shoes. Every year some new bag, shoe or jacket is growing and soon most people who follow this fashion line has it.

These last 2 years shoes like Johnny Bulls and Primeboots has been extremely popular during the winter and autumn.

Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuttion, Prada, Chanel

Young girls who are 14 years old will probably own at least a Michael Kors handbag to use for school. Yes designer bags is used regularly as a school bag.

Skinny jeans is number one! Black, dark blue, ripped jeans or white. A new fashion trend is also the old style of flare jeans

For many young teenagers, the fashion is highly important. Most of them strictly follow the fashion trends and the latest clothes. The school has literally turned into a runway fashion show. It has to match and look great. Every…damn…day. It was exhausting as a 15-year-old and some times being out of ideas on what to wear the next week or day.

This might give you an idea of the fashion in our country, at least for the younger generation. (12–25+ olds) but the older woman also dresses very well.

For those being curious about the men’s fashion, I might as well share a few examples from the guy fashion can look.

(a Swedish guy could better point out what is popular for a guy to wear right now, though)

Obviously, this isn’t something EVERY Swedish teenager or young adult wear. But most will dress very well. This is what a lot of the fashion looks like in Stockholm but big cities like Gothenburg & Malmö also follow close to these trends.

In Nigeria

people won’t mind spending their last savings just to look the best at events – especially weddings. Nigerians don’t joke with weddings.

Keep in mind, these traditional ceremonial attires cost an arm and a leg, and your eyes too, lol.

Few tailors can make these wears.

Malaysia, and here; it’s Modest Dressing.

Apart from the fact that a lot more Muslim ladies in this country are beginning to don hijabs, (it’s a must, for Muslim women to cover their hair and neck and most of us here do so religiously as well as culturally) and wearing hijabs would sorts of leads/steer one to wear modestly too, what’s happening is that, modest fashion also appeals to non-Muslims here who prefer comfortable clothes that do not “expose the skin unnecessarily”, but at the same time are practical, stylish and versatile.

Loose or relaxed fit, long sleeves tops and maxi skirts and long pants, high-waisted straight-cut pants that still work in flattering the figure without hugging, and long dresses or abaya that drape over the body, revealing just a silhouette of curves; are big deals (big money too) here.

  • Raja Nadia Sabrina; one of the fashionistas in Malaysia


Beside contemporary clothing, In Indonesia, its fashionable to flaunt traditional Fabric, Pattern and Craftmanship. The local designer nowadays very creative with it, The fashion bloggers always find new ways to wear it now. Generally it become wearable daily clothes.

Its not that we wear this everyday nor every fashionistas in the city will be spotted wearing it. But every now and then, We will pull out our best Batik clothes from wardrobe and wear it with pride.

Also government helps with “Compulsary Batik Friday” at government offices & schools. Non government and general public also follow this regime of going out with Batik at friday.

Especially at Formal Occasion Like Wedding or Graduation ceremony, you will find people wearing various iteration of Embriodered Kebaya, traditional fabric and batik :

Chic modern Twist of Batik & Kebaya for formal to semi formal occasion.

Casual Wear

Moslem Women with covered Hijab also pride themselfes with Traditional Fabric

I live in the States, so it all depends on the region. I went to NYC recently and made a point not to bring any of my plaid, Birkenstocks, or ripped jeans – a good choice on my part, as the fashion there is much different than on the west coast (particularly in in the PNW region). On the east coast, the fashion there follows what you would see in a catalog for the most part. Skinny jeans, comfortable shoes, and a fashionable shirt. For men, it was near the same, except you saw quite a bit more sweaters over dress shirts with the collars out. I never realized that was a fashion until I started seeing that over there. Around campus, of course, is the relaxed jeans and hoodie ensemble.

This type of outfit was pretty common over in NYC.

On the west coast, we’re a little less focused on looking “professional” no matter where we go and prefer the easy, breezy, and, admittedly, “hipster” fashion. Even though we love our plaid and our hiking boots, we do vary from each season. During the winter, a wool cap, any jacket from The North Face, and some warm boots to handle our dry, brisk winters is a go-to for most women. (Yes, men up here are in love with The North Face, as well.)

The trend of oversized sweaters isn’t going away any time soon.

As for every other time, because west coast culture is more relaxed than the east coast, we go for more “practical” clothing. We can throw on some pumps and a nice dress like any other girl in the States, but there’s always the possibility of an adventure during the day. Many of us have a spare set of tennis shoes in our car and the majority of those in the PNW particularly are very much involved in the outdoors life, so loose fitting clothing that allows for functionality is more important than shoes that might make us trip and a skirt that might blow up when we decide we want to climb up some rocks.

Plaid is standard for those spring/summer nights. Cute, comfortable, and useful when the temperature drops.

The fashion in the States is a good deal different than in most countries where it’s not as spread out. Each region really has their own particular culture. For the east coast, it’s more about looking good than practicality, whereas the west coast is about being comfortable and being able to do whatever at the drop of a hat.

In Britain at the moment in terms of girls my age (19) culottes are very much the ‘in’ thing, especially with summer fast approaching. So trousers like this, which I actually own:

90s style t-shirts and crop tops have also become the latest fashion. Again, I have invested in these too.

Tracksuits and sweatpants also wore in a fashionable and classy way have also become popular, although I haven’t invested any money in this look.

With the weather getting better and people getting ready to go on holiday certain styles of swimsuits and bikinis have also become popular.

These types of simple swimsuits are very popular at the moment, especially when they don’t really have a pattern and are just one solid colour.

Also, high-neck bikini tops are in fashion at the moment although I don’t really get the appeal because it’ll give you some really weird looking tan lines.

Being a hipster is probably not the latest Canadian fashion, but it became that widespread not that long ago. It seems that everyone in their 20s and 30s is becoming a vegan (not that it’s a bad thing), chills in trendy coffee shops, gets tattoos and wears a hat. Men are growing beards and women are hunting for vintage jewelry.

The latest fashion trends are something that all of us want to be updated at all times. We all love to read latest fashion trends, what is going on our surrounding even we try to match them with our style. Here are our favorite new trends that are sure to hit it big in 2016.

In our country, there have so many cultural people. And obviously the have different fashion trend and dressing sense. Most of the people love to wear their traditional dress.

Our Traditional Dresses:

Saree: The women of our country love to wear Saree. And they love to select stylish Saree blouse design in different occasion.

Salwar Kameez: This is the girls’ style. They usually wear this type of traditional dresses. And they don’t forget to try new pattern dresses.

Pohela Boishakh

Pohela Boishakh is the firstday of the Bengali calendar. It is usually celebrated on 14 April. PohelaBoishakh marks the start day of the crop season. Traditional apparel ofbangladesh is varied in its nature and additionally distinctive as compare toalternative neighboring countries. Bangladeshi men are unremarkably wear traditional shirt,Fatua and trousers tunic in formal wear. Within the rural areas, individualsfor male wear traditional longyi or dhuti – Panjabi as casual apparel. On theopposite aspect, the ladies have trend to decorate up within the traditional Sarior Shalwar Kamees.

Spring Fashion: (PahelaFalgun/Bashanta Utshob)

The day is widely known onFebruary thirteen. a colourful festival held to welcome Bashanto (spring). Dressedin reddish-yellow saris with red border and hairs embellished with flowers.

Wedding Wear


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