What is clothing design?

Clothing design is a very detailed process beginning from choosing a design and ending with the development of a perfect end product. A design process comprises of selection of the following “Right” elements :

1) Fabric : Must fit the look , fall and feel you need. Their are hundreds of fabric varities available.

2) Print : The colors and theme must fit the season. Ideally You cant wear a bright yellow in Winters and a black in Summers.

3) Pattern; This is the construction of the garment , basically the map or the pieces which will be sewn together to create a garment. For example in a shirt you got two front plackets,a collar,collar stand,Cuffs,Button placket,Back Yoke, Back Piece , sleeves,pocket etc.

4) Surface ornamentations if any , like embroidery,panel print,beading etc.

5) Measurements : These goes with the pattern though.

6) Trend Research; A through study of upcoming trends in the next season.


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