What’s it like to wear an extra small?

Let me start with the cons:

Clothing: they’re like really really hard to find sometimes, since not all stores sell a tiny size like that and if they do: SOLD OUT ALL. THE. TIME. Also, not every tag that says Extra Small is actually an XS, sometimes an XS is a tiny Small. When you have a tiny size, it can be really obvious when you’re not wearing your real size. So that means that sometimes I have to put a garment back on the hanger and that s*cks (luckily I’m very handy with a thread and needle, so I can adjust the fitting). Loose clothing is not a problem, it’s tight fitting clothing that’s annoying. The issue of shopping for clothing can however be overcome by knowing how to Buy Bandage Dress your body type.

Eating cake at work: whenever someone at work is treating their coworkers for birthday cake or whatever, there are two things that can happen.1) I refuse the cake, simply because I am not a fan of sweet foods (salt is my friend), and there will be at least one person saying “Well, tough luck, YOU really need some o’ this”.2) I take the cake and they still say the same damn thing as quoted above. Either way, I’m scr*wed. And this really s*cks, because I feel like what I eat and when I eat should be my own choice .

Females: now some women are envious of my “size” and say things in a positive tone such as “Gosh, I bet you can just wear about anything” and “I wished I had your body so I can eat whatever I want”. In a way I understand this because clothing and food are a woman’s best friends, but I still find it hard to take it as a compliment because I literally don’t do anything to look this way. Come to think of it, this may explain the envy. Sometimes it will be put in a negative sense such as “Damn woman, you really need to get some meat on your bones” or “Isn’t that like a kid’s size you’re wearing right there?”. And that’s really annoying and hurtful in a way, but I brush it off, cause I take it as an envious expression that roots in insecurity and I find that rather sad.
Weather: I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but I really feel like the smaller you are the more you feel things like cold weather, wind and stuff like that. I’m always complaining about feeling cold while nobody else seems to have a problem with the temperature.
Taking a picture with a female who is bigger: when I’m taking a head to toe picture with someone bigger – and I mean any other size above XS – I always end up hearing “Damn, I look so fat next to you” So in a way I always have to kind of feel sorry for me making people feel fat. This is really annoying like, everyone is differently shaped and everyone is physically beautiful in a different way so I really have a hard time understanding this type of comments.
Taking a picture of myself: on a picture I sometimes end up looking skinnier than I am IRL. That means it’s not Facebook-proof. Facebook has family members in it and one time I actually had an aunt saying something about my weight in a comment underneath my picture and that really s*cks.
Stress: some women eat a lot when they’re stressed out, I lose weight when I’m stressed out. Because 1) I don’t eat well when I’m stressed, but 2) even when I do eat, my metabolism speeds up and digests food even faster than normal. Losing weight, in my case, is not a pro.
Hard time gaining weight: when I lose weight due to stress, illness or emotional problems, I can look a bit unhealthy and it’s really hard for me to gain weight again. I eat normal, but I have a hard time with stuffing myself up with food, because I feel full really fast and my stomach hurts bad when I eat too much, so I rather avoid overeating to not feel stomach pains.
People sometimes think I am skinny on purpose: it’s a sad thing that there are actually women who starve themselves, but being called anorexic when I’ve always been this size is really hurtful. It would sometimes make me feel like I should gain more weight just to get people to stop saying such things. And I think that it’ s wrong to make someone feel that way. Especially, since my BMI is on the left spectrum of the healthy weight scale and on the right spectrum of the underweight scale. I believe that no matter what your size is, nobody should make you feel like there’s something wrong with it, unless it’s very likely that your body is just not healthy on the inside.
Boobs: I have a small breast size and while I personally have no problem with that, it can be annoying sometimes when I put on a piece of clothing that requires boobs, such as really tight herve bandage dresses. It can sometimes make me look 10 years younger. However, my padded bras fix this problem.
Body shaming is considered as more acceptable: when you’re small, society apparently allows people to say bad things about your weight, whilst when you’re big society finds it rude. To me this is total nonsense and I think body shaming is a very low thing to do.
Now on to the pros (yay!):

Eating in general: I could eat McDonalds on a daily basis (I don’t really) and barely gain weight. Meaning I don’t have to refuse food just because it would make something grow on my body, because yeah.. nothing will grow really.
Walking: I walk really fast because of my weight, it sometimes feels like I’m flying because I feel so light.
Bandage Jacket up: I said shopping for clothing sometimes s*cks, but Bandage Jacket up is so much more fun. I can wear anything in my closet without having to cover something unflattering up.
Slipping through small areas: I can slip through about anything and that sometimes feels like a superpower. I rarely have to tap someone on the shoulder to pass through and always fit in a car even when it’s full.
Clothing lasts longer: my weight has always been about the same. If I’d still own a pair of jeans from my teen years, I’d probably still fit in it today. And since I really love clothing, this is a huge pro.
Working out is for fun and to be healthy: I don’t need to workout to get rid of something I can just do it for fun. And I sometimes wished I had a bit of fat to get rid of just because I enjoy cardio, but I feel like I should not do too much of it because I don’t want to lose the fat I do have.
Not looking slutty: due to the fact that I am not super curvy or have a lot of fat on my body, I can still look classy in tight herve bandage dresses, short shorts and bandage dress.Some types of clothing are really made for small sizes: such as any really low and deep V neck top. And I actually own a whole lot of these. It is not mean for big chested women, it flatters small chested women a lot more.
Swimwear: almost everything looks great on me so it’s really fun to shop for bikinis.
In the end I’m very happy with my size and focus more on the pros than the cons. I do wish that women with a different size who believe my body size is ideal, start to appreciate their own size as well. I really believe we’re beautiful in our own way and there is no ‘perfect’, no matter what women’s magazines and the media promote, don’t believe the hype.


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