Get Your Apparels Customized In Your Favourite Embroidery Pattern

am a big fan of silk ribbon embroidery done on custom apparel. In this embroidery form, narrow silk ribbons are used to produce a unique look. Floral patterns and leaves have a three-dimensional appearance that embroidery floss cannot equal. Ornate embroidery styles such as Victorian often call for silk ribbon. Then, there are wool embroidery types. Embroidery types rooted in folk art traditions are often worked in wool threads. Berlin embroidery and crewel embroidery, also known as Kensington embroidery, both derive their signature look from the use of wool threads. Bargello, a type of geometric embroidery, features wool stitches on canvas.Artisans also produce many types of embroidery with cotton embroidery floss, including white work, black work, counted cross stitch, Dresden, and Swiss. You may also find custom men apparel in USA in speciality embroidery fibres. Some types of decorative needle work use specialty fibres that are essential to their genre. For example, Arrasene embroidery, popular during the Victorian era, relied on fine, chenille-type Arrasene threads made from silk or wool fibres. Gold metallic threads give gold work embroidery its richly deserved name. You can get medium defined embroidery types too. The media upon which artisans embroider designs sometimes determine embroidery types. For instance, some artisans who stich and decorate tea towels and household linens practice huckaback embroidery. Huckaback is an absorbent, durable fabric with a raised weave that accommodates delicate, geometric stitched designs. Net embroidery, with decorative designs stitched on netting, is another example of a medium determining the name of the style.

Some broad embroidery categories have descriptive names, and so do some very specific categories. They may be named according to the technique, era, or appearance of the needlework. For instance, there is something called crazy work. This decorative stitching that embellishes randomly pieced crazy quilts is named for the seemingly unplanned appearance of the stitch work. Embroidery follows the stitching lines of the fabric which branch off in crazy directions. The cut work is named for the technique of cutting out small areas of the backing fabric and then embroidering around them; cut work consists primarily of buttonhole stitching with decorative back stitching and satin stitched accents. Other names for cut work include Roman or Venetian embroidery.

So, you can browse through endless variety of embroidery and then get your favourite one on your custom apparel. This is the beauty of custom clothes that you can get them how you want!


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