Digital Printing on Fabric

In the year 2016, the fashion runways were filled with intricate prints that are unique, enigmatic and full of artwork. Behind this profusion of pattern is digital printing technology that is used for different types of clothes be it Silk, Satin, or Cotton.

Talking of designers, printing a pattern or image on a piece of cloth is a very big task. Therefore, digital printing is needed which can be done on large reams and rolls of fabric or applied to smaller garments such as T-shirts printing, shawl printing, stole printing, saris printing, etc (popularly referred to as a “direct to garment” mode).

But not all the designers embrace digital prints. This is because of not having deep and clear hues of screen prints (as the ink doesn’t soak into the fabric as thoroughly). Also, skilled technicians are needed who has the thorough knowledge of the technology being used.
“You have to have a great hand with the computer.”

Advantages of digital fabric printing

1. Bringing custom printing to consumers

Fabric printing companies such as majestic utilizes the digital printing technology in order to create custom prints for designers as well as consumers. All they need is a digital image be it a photograph, pattern, or a sketch, and the type and size of fabric to be used be it a yard or 50 yards.

On the whole digital printing allows the designers as well as consumers to have a custom printed fabric at a minimal cost in limited time.

This has the effect of expanding both the number of designs available and also the pool of artists who are experimenting with fabric design as a medium.”

2. Technology equals speed

Speed is a very big factor when it comes to fabric printing. In the fashion industry, the trends change very frequently and they are needed in a very short span of time. Therefore, it is very important to be able to clearly communicate the end result and do it quickly. That speed is, even more, critical in a time when Internet sales are increasing and product demand is higher than ever.

Internet sales is changing the fashion industry and you can never predict the amount of products you may need tomorrow. Therefore, if you are not fast, you cannot cope up with the competitors.

3. A level playing field

In the same as music and video, the printing field has also become very democratic. A lot of emerging designers are doing their best to break into the business and get their clothing into the marketplace. For them, digital printing technology is a boon.

4. Designers in control

Initially, the designers and the production department were separate and a lot of confusion was created when it comes to print a certain pattern. As a result, designers had to compromise with the designs. With the advancement in printing, the middleman has been eliminated.
Designers now have the ability to control the whole production process.


What makes digital fabric printing so sought after today is the fact that the whole printing process is highly time-efficient. Contrary to the earlier methods, there is no intermediary step of printing onto paper and then transferring the print on fabric. So there is no requirement of screens.

Depending on the fabric being used, there may be a possible requirement of pre-treating the fabric to ensure that the color is more long-lasting and available in a larger range of shades


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