Which are the 2016 web design trends?

Ghost buttons: this button attracts the viewer’s attention in a very subtle way which is hovering in the corner. These buttons are transparent but have a shape which is recognizable and is bordered with a thin line and contain sans-serif fonts. They are used for call to action.

Animation: in the past when adobe flash faded away, the web lost a good segment of sliding, fading, spinning elements but now animation has been making a comeback. Now it’s up to the designers which programming to use whether it be a HTML5/CSS3. Animations have been supported by the web browsers and connected devices, and now even entering in 3D. Having these tools around we can now expect to see some amazing things on our web pages.

Website becomes Web apps: A new way to widespread  your website is now done though  SPA which is single page applications through which you can help a customer find the product they want easily and let them buy it. Owners of these websites are streamlining everything. SPA is becoming more widespread and will replace the content driven websites out very soon.

Parallax scrolling : Parallax is a technique in computer graphics, where you see the background images moving by the camera slower than foreground creating an illusion in a 2d dimension. Now that mesmerizing parallax scrolling readily available on word press and other platforms too. Expect to see a lot more highly innovative on your web pages with very little expense.


Images at Large:Boom! A large captivating image that paints your company’s service or product should be the first thing a customer will see when entering your websites homepage. A slider or image that draws in the attention of the viewer quick enough for them to make the decision of investing more time searching through your website. More than half of your future customers will spend less than 15 seconds on your website…make sure you have a design that is visually appealing

.Scroll on down please:

Most of the modern website designs have been using the long-scrolling down design. More information can be seen and easily accessed by using this method as opposed to clicking links that will send the user to other pages on the website. But even more importantly, most people are accessing the internet through their smartphone, iPad or tablet instead of their desktop computers.Navigating through websites when you are on the run, which most people are, it is best to use this scrolling design in order for the user to find the answer to their problem in a more efficient manner. 

Where did the tabs go?

Website designers are always looking for new ways to make their websites be more efficient and user friendly. Having a fixed sliding navigation bar as part of the design is essential for easy access to the tabs on the top page. For long-scrolling website designs the navigation bar will continue to follow you as you slide down each page. Instead of having to scroll back up to the top of the page the navigation bar will always be present. Some designers like to have the navigation bar on the side of each page of the website as well. Another important note is to have key important pages and blogs on the bottom footer of the website pages.  

What a beautiful website!The most common compliment to receive on your website is how it looks visually. Vibrant colors and eye candy designs is what will draw your future client to exploring your website further. Having the website responsive with a fast load speed is important as well. Be careful having too much videos and images that may slow down your websites mobility. Check the speed of your website here at (Website Speed and Performance Optimization). Encore Media in Cincinnati, Ohio is a local web design and marketing company with a design team full of creativity and innovative ideas on how to make your company outshine your competitors with a design that is modern, responsive and eye catching. Our team consists of web designer and a development team that will ensure that you will have a finished website that you are 100% satisfied with. 



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