Digital printing is in trend

Gone are the days, when off-set printing machines were ruling the world. Now, in this digital world, digital printed fabrics machines are on the top. These are beneficial to many in various ways like: it’s cost effective, time saving, easy etc.

digital printed fabrics levels the playing field between small businesses and large corporations. So, whether you’re a business tycoon or you are a small business owner, you don’t need to worry as, digital printers are perfect fit for any kind of business.

Offset machines were only owned by the big companies, when it comes to digital printer, it is being owned not only by big or small business owners but also by the students. This is because, offset printers requires proper setup fees and many people can’t afford to pay such prices. But at the same time, when the quantity of printed sheets increases, the costing is relatively cheaper. So, it is safe to say that offset printers are only beneficial to big corporations. On the other hand, digital printed fabrics does not require any kind of setup fees, so it gives you leverage to print according to your requirements.

Offset printing is the king, when it comes to quality. But, an important thing to understand is that quality of digital printed fabrics comes second, just behind offset printing and there’s hardly any difference is hardly visible. If you get the print from an offset machine and one from digital printer, then only a trained eye can see the difference.

Advantages of digital printed fabrics

• Prices: As already discussed, digital printed fabrics is much cheaper when it comes to printing few materials. Further, no plates are required for such printing which means that the cost is considerably reduced.

• Quick: If you are under deadline and want all the prints as sooner as possible then, digital printed fabrics is just the thing for you.

• Flexibility: If you want variety of designs quickly and without any fuss then, you should go for digital printed fabrics instead of offset one.

Things to consider before opting for digital printed fabrics

• Your needs: Whether you want fabric printing in china or cheap banner printing in china, the first thing that you must consider is your needs. You should analyze the best method according to the job requirements.


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