Web Design Trends Of 2016

Change is pertinent to keep your customers hooked to your site. Off late, people have started updating their website keeping in mind the recent web design trend in 2016. But ‘just because everyone else is doing it and hence you should do it’ approach is incorrect, both technically as well as ethically. It will purely depend on the needs of your customers and the voice of your business.

On the same lines, let’s have a look at some of the designs that you should avoid adopting blindly.

1. Hidden Menu

In this tech savvy age when the usage of mobile devices have multiplied, designers have discovered an ingenious design solution by hiding all the menus and sub-menus under a single menu icon. This not only makes navigation easy but also gives a sleek view to your layout.

Now the primary reason why this design is under this list is, choosing this type of layout might not give the best results for every business. For instance, e-commerce or news site, where discoverability of topics is more crucial than anything else, this type of design can ruin the user experience.

2. Parallax Technique

Lately, numerous websites have integrated this technique into their designs. Basically, parallax scrolling is a technique that allows the foreground content and the background content to scroll at different speed. This, in turn creates an illusion of depth for the viewers.

Of course, this can be seen by many as a great visual effect, but again, it depends on your business. Not to mention about the debate among the experts whether this technique can be termed as a good UX.

3. Animated welcome screens

Yet another innovation but which has perhaps turned out to be disappointing, at least to the users. You would stumble upon a number of sites which greet you with a flash animated loading screen and you have no option but to sit back and watch it before you could enter the site. While this might seem amusing when a user visits the site for the first two to three times, but eventually he would opt out of your site out of sheer boredom.

This will not only affect the number of visitors to your site but also adversely affect the profitability of your business.

4. Java, Java and some more of Java

From social sites to WordPress plugins, JavaScript has been used considerably these days. JavaScript can prove to be boon when other languages fail. You can use JavaScript to create wonderful load screens, sliders, etc.

However, at the same time what Java does is slow down the speed of your site. And as we all know, no user would like to surf a snail paced site.

5. Typography

Although typography is another trendsetter these days, using more than two typefaces might upset the look and feel of your site.

However, creativity can anytime beat the drawbacks of using typography but yes, don’t overuse it. A smart, creative design should be loved by your users.


Keeping in mind the recent web design trend in 2016, going with the flow is good but using your brains is best. Don’t move on to integrate the above to your site without performing a critical analysis of your consumer’s needs


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