party in Gorgeous Silk Saris

The allure of silk is one of the few unchanged elements of Indian fashion. Silk has been the quintessential fabric for Indian weddings but for party wear it had taken a backseat for the past few years. However 2015 is seeing a major comeback of the silk saris at partieswith Kornad sari and Baluchari sari becoming popular in parties and functions. The Banarasi sari and the Kanchivaram sari are also popular this season.

The Baluchari sari can be considered as a slight variation of the Banarasi sari. Baluchari saris are woven by the craftsmen of Bishanpur in Murshidabad district of West Bengal. The delicate sari with intricate designs from epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata were regionally popular for a long time. These saris with soft colour combinations are making a comeback this season as a popular party wear. These saris are suited for official functions as they have a royal and timeless grace. The Konrad saris are another choice for those who prefer the traditional style with a slight twist. The classic Konrad saris are also known as temple saris owing to them being used to drape temple deities. These saris are paired with contrast velvet blouse for a contemporary yet ethnic style.
The trend is the mixing of fabrics. plain silk fabric and velvet combination or silk and lace combinations are the new fashionista’s sari of choice. Banarasi net sari with French Chantilly lace border is a combination that is giving an all new look to the classic Banarasi sari. While pure Chantilly lace was the in thing last year this year’s trend is slightly more demure and subtle. Designer silk saris are also very popular in elite circles. The advantage of designer sari is that with slight alterations an entirely new look can be achieved. Even though the initial price is higher than most other saris these saris are worth their investment not only for their spectacular look but also because of their flexibility to adapt to different styles with minor changes.
Finding the right blouse for the sari is another tricky area for the sari connoisseur. While the traditional plain blouse in matching colour is still sported by many traditionalists, the bold young are going for highly experimental styles. Spaghetti straps and halter neck tops are becoming increasingly popular in parties. For those going for a slightly more conservative look there is the boat neck style as well as the keyhole style blouse design. The collar neck blouses as well as the high neck blouse that were popular in the late eighties and early nineties are also becoming popular among youngsters. Blouses this season also incorporate a variety of net designs in the pattern giving them a very glamorous look.


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