What is Digital Fabric Printing?

There are a number of different types of digital print fabric Ink Technologies. Each works on specific fabric types and being best suited to particular purposes and offering varying qualities of print. The type of fabric printing will also dictate both the price and longevity of your printed design.A simple demonstration of this is the difference between a T-shirt that has a waxy quality to the print design, where the digital print fabric effectively sits on top of the fabric compared to those where you can feel no difference in the fabric whether it’s printed on or not, and variations in between these.This diagram demonstrates the 4 basic ink technologies/chemistry’s and the fabrics that they are able to print on. For the purposes of this post we are going to discuss Reactive Dye Digital Fabric Printing as this is what we work with at BeFab Be Creative.In technologies for digital fabric printing Reactive Dye digital print fabric is the most versatile of the high end digital printing technologies, with its ability to print onto both silks and plant based materials (eg cotton, linen and bamboo) and where the print has no effect on the handle of the fabric as the dye bonds directly with the fabric fibres. This also means that reactive printing has a greater light and rub fastness than other print technologies making it perfect for apparel and home ware.


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