8 Super Tips To Wear Net Sarees

Saree is an elegant ethnic outfit that has been constantly evolving from time to time. This outfit can be draped in different styles and ways. Besides this, it is available in a lot of fabrics or materials such as chiffon, net, georgette, silk and many more. However, when it comes to evening parties, ladies without much though would like to drape a net saree. One can choose unique styles of net sarees online at a reasonable price.

Surely there are a several pattern of net sarees online available in different styles and designs. Having said that, let’s now delve into some super tips one should know before wearing a net saree.

Avoid pleating pallu: The charm of a sarees comes out best when one leaves the pallu loose and let it gracefully flow.

Use a satin petticoat: A satin petticoat is indeed indispensable while wearing a saree. One should always use satin petticoat underneath the saree to make it look elegant and graceful.

Blouse that fits bust line perfectly: It is due to the net fabric, that the saree can reveal body flab which may not look very appealing. Therefore, the blouse one wears with a saree should be tailored in a way that hides the flaws making one look purely gorgeous.

Pin it up properly: Owing to its net fabric, pleating becomes a difficult job. Therefore one should make sure to pin it up perfectly so as to feel comfortable while walking in the saree.

Pair nice heels or wedges with a saree: while draping a net saree, there’s always an urge to wear heels or wedges. One must always prefer to wear footwear that has a slight height. Also, one must make sure to avoid very tall heels that may push them into an awkward situation.

Embellish with accessories: one should pair saree with pretty and sufficient accessories. Jazzing up look with accessory always add glam to the look and appearance.

Minimal makeup: This is yet another important thing to be considered. One must highlight sharp features with minimal makeup to look awesome. Avoid using too much of makeup which looks flashy and loud.

Tie saree around the waist bone: Tying saree is a major issue that every woman might face. It becomes even more difficult while draping a net saree. One should be really careful to tie the net saree properly. It should neither to be tied too high or too low. The best way out is to tie it around the waist bone, just below the navel.


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