Best Alternative to Plastic Packaging

Plastic is widely used in packaging due to its several qualities like light weight, flexibility and cost effectiveness. But, plastics and polythene bags are not good for environment as they are non-biodegradable substances and take hundreds of years to decompose.Every month, a huge amount of plastic waste is produced and it results in an increase in the number of landfills, thus, polluting the soil.

Hence, using an alternative in place of plastic textile foi packaging becomes crucial in order to save environment and the people living in it. Aluminium is considered as the one material which can replace plastic packaging. The biggest merit of aluminium metal over plastic is that it can be recycled infinitely. It possesses the property to turn out new each time it is recycled. On the other hand, plastics cannot be manufactured multiple times and ultimately end up in landfill. The recyclable property of aluminium also saves the virgin resources from exploiting on a large scale. It also saves the manufacturing cost as less energy is required in manufacturing used aluminium items. Hence, packaging industries are manufacturing aluminium gold stamping foil on a large scale due to its increasing demand in various markets- food, beverages, automobile, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Thus, aluminium pouches have become a preferred choice for various industries. Below are enlisted various features of aluminium foil pouches:

• Light weight

Aluminium foil for fabricis a light weight material and is user and travel friendly.

• Strong seal

Aluminium foil for fabric pouches are sturdy and their strong seal protects the contents from moisture pigment color foil and air thus they are widely used for packaging of various food items to keep them fresh for a long duration.

• Thermal properties

Aluminium foil for fabric is a good thermal conductor and therefore gold stamping foil and pouches are used on a large scale to wrap lunch, dinners or breakfast.

Aluminium hologram film pouch manufacturers make aluminium pouches in different shapes and sizes so you can buy a stand up aluminium pouch, center seal aluminium pouch, three side seal aluminium hologram film pouch, pillow pouch, window pouch, printed/unprinted aluminium Transparent hologram pouch and so on. Also, aluminium pouches with multiple closure options are available – dori, zipper, handle, notch, D-cut, spout, euro punch etc. Pouch manufacturers can even customize aluminium Transparent hologram pouches according to personal and commercial requirements

While searching for a pouch manufacturer, you should make sure that the supplier is a laminated pouches manufacturer too as lamination increases the durability of the pouches and give a beautiful finish to them.


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