Foil Stamped Business

Gold stamping foil business cards are quite literally flashy. The gold stamping foil process is completely different from metallic ink textile foil printing, and the innovative procedure makes it much more affordable as a premium business card printing option.

In fact, gold stamping foil doesn’t use any ink at all. That’s why it’s also referred to as “dry printing.” , print it with your design in full color ink, and then take those cards and use heat, pressure foil for fabric, and metallic paper (or foil) to bond the shiny material to the cardstock.carved plates made of metal, which are also known as “dies,” that will stamp on the foil for fabric accents you’ve specified in your pigment color foil stamped business card design. The dies pick up a layer of pigment color foil
and then come in contact with the surface of your card. They’re then heated until the foil is transferred into the desired areas of your card. And thus a foil stamped business card is created!

Elite Flyers offers gold stamping foil in either gold or pigment color foil. Both gold and pigment color foil, gold stamping foil look great on traditional business card backdrops, but they look even better on silk laminated business cards. Plus, pigment color foil silk lamination adds durability, ensuring that your carefully designed pigment color foil
-stamped cards are not only attractive and sleek-looking, but also pigment color foil waterproof and tear-proof.

Silk laminated cards aren’t really encased in foil for fabric silk. If they were, they’d cost like 60 times as much and probably wouldn’t stand up to a few minutes in your pocket, let alone a rainstorm. with a thin plastic film that’s brushed to give them a smooth, luxurious look and feel. We use the word “laminated” because the process doesn’t just involve applying a coating. In lamination, the plastic film becomes permanently and totally bonded to the cardstock, making the end product completely water resistant and impossible to tear.

The silk lamination process renders your business cards extremely durable and gives them an expensive-looking sleek finish and silky feel. There are two things to consider, though, in deciding whether or not to choose silk lamination. One is that the bonding process changes the color of your cards just a bit. If impeccable color matching is crucial to your business card foil for fabric design it includes a heavily-branded corporate logo, for example, hologram film
silk lamination may not be the way to go. The other thing to consider is price. Silk lamination is a premium feature, and it obviously will increase the overall cost of printing hologram film your cards. You’ll want to consider whether having an impressive hologram film card is likely to be important in your particular foil for fabric
field. If you’re a wedding planner, it probably is. If you’re a tire wholesaler, you may or may not require silk lamination to convey the image you want.

When you pair smooth, luxurious, and matte silk lamination with eye-catching shiny hologram film stamped accents, you end up with a striking card that will make people do a double or triple take when you meet them at business mixers, tradeshows, or just out and about.

As you can see from these examples of foil for fabric cards we’ve printed silk for some of our customers, our hologram film -stamped silk laminated cards look great whether you’re keeping the design super simple and clean or adding in full color photographs along with the Transparent hologram-stamped accents. If you like the idea of an artistic-looking card that combines unique design elements like foil for fabric
silk lamination and Transparent hologram stamping, ask our design team for advice on how to make these options work textile foil with your company image.


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