Scorched Garments – The Way Out

Does it annoy you when someone borrows your printed satin fabric clothes and you get them back cleaned and ironed, albeit with scorched marks? hot iron on your clothing for too long, you will be happy to know these unsightly marks can be removed by following a few simple methods. Often, people assume that once the printed satin fabric garment is scorched, it is ruined for good or bad ! This is not always in the case. Different satin fabrics can be repaired using different methods.
In the case of cotton or linen fabrics, the use of peroxide will help mend the scorched material. All you will have to do is use an satin fabrics cloth, dipped in peroxide and rub lightly on the defective area, with a hot iron. The peroxide extracts the scorch printed satin fabric cloth out and the process needs to be repeated several times until the stain is fully out. In case of  Wholesale african wax prints fabric , you can put the scorched area into cold water and this helps bring out the fresh scorched marks by soaking into cold water. Vinegar is another substitute that helps repair the african wax prints fabric. Rubbing the scorched area with vinegar and then with cold water will help you get rid of the scorched area. You can repeat this process until the mark is remove

The use of lemon juice on the scorched garment and then laying it out in the sun light, also helps bleach out the scorched area, thus repairing your garment. This process works best on white or light  Wholesale african wax prints fabric clothing. Dark  Wholesale african  prints fabric tend to lose color along the scorched area. Wool is different from other printed polyester fabric, so when wool gets scorched, the printed polyester fabric burns leaving less printed fabric  The best thing to do – use a small brush,printed fabric or fine sandpaper or emery board and scrape away the burnt ends lightly. A coin can also help scrape the scorched area of printed fabric  Ensure whatever you use to scrape, is clean, so it does not leave any further stain. Satin fabrics, in case the scorched mark textile printing and the garment color are light, can use another peroxide method. Dab a little peroxide on the scorched area printed satin fabric and leave it out in the sun to dry. If these  Wholesale african wax prints fabric are colorfast and dark, this method should not be used. For wholesale silk fabric, you can use the same methods as mentioned earlier for wool wholesale silk fabric . Unfortunately, this may not work with all kinds of wholesale silk fabric.

printed polyester fabric such as rayon and polyester should not be ironed, as they will melt. If the scorched mark is made by cigarette burns, the peroxide and sun method can be tried only on light colors. Like printed polyester fabric, scorch marks on these printed polyester fabric cannot be removed most of the times.

Any method you use to repair a scorched printed polyester fabric garment may only end up lightening the damage done. However, there is lots more you could do to cover a scorched patch on your printed polyester fabric garment, such as painting, embroidered silk fabric to cover or repair the scorched garment in case none of the methods work. We all cherish our most favorite garments, no matter how old or how damaged, so why not come up with innovative ideas to use or blend them with other garments?


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