What does a landing page mean for your business?

What does a landing page mean for your business?

Mostly, businesses spend their time capturing leads and seek ways to derive traffic to their websites that yield results. Behind every successful online venture, it’s essential to keep your audience engaged in your sales funnel, educate and convert them into customers. One of the key ingredients is to have a clear and enticing goal that works for your business. According to a recent survey conducted by Hubspot, 48% of marketers craft a new landing page for each campaign. What is a landing page?Landing pages are standalone web pages designed to spur a specific audience to take a specific action. Landing pages are basic building blocks that form a massive part of your marketing strategy. Well optimized, highly targeted landing pages, entice visitors to stay and complete the desired action for conversion. In short, you now have a way to turn website visitors into customers. However, it is important to note that your Homepage is not your Landing page. This is a common misconception and you need a different one for every facet of your marketing process. Keeping this in mind, it is important to understand the essential elements that goes into building landing pages that converts. High Quality Landing Page

Following are key properties of a Quality Landing Page.

Headline: A clear, enticing headline captures the attention, and thus is the most important part of a landing page.

Sub Headers: It is important to maintain consistency, so sub headers should reinforce to your main headline and persuade visitors to continue viewing the page.

Body Copy: At this stage, it is important to show how you can provide them value. Most people won’t stay long on your page and search for answers. Addressing problems, providing solutions and explaining benefits (customer ­focused copy) is the best way to encourage visitors to engage with your page’s call to action and ultimately convert.

Call to Action: At this stage, is where you get visitors to convert­ that’s where your call to action (CTA) comes in. They are your last attempt to convince people to convert. The best performing CTA are those that boldly stand out and Trust Elements:If visitors trust your business, they are much more likely to convert. For example, customer testimonials is an effective way to build trust with your visitors.

Images & Video: A great image or video creates more impact and is essential to include them in your landing pages. Engaging videos are amazing to incorporate on landing pages and have shown to improve conversions by 86%.

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