home stay

The concept in tourism is rapidly changing across the whole world. In the past a holidays entailed living in the luxurious five or four star hotels, lodges and camps in the city or beach, beach tours and game drives in the park.
This activities resulted into less interaction with the host communities. The communities living around the areas tourists visit have been left out in an unfortunate conditions while investors cream of profits generated from their environment.

In Kenya, the concept of home stay is still picking up and the stakeholders like  have teamed up with various home stays owners to encourage tourists to spend night in these alternative accommodation facilities.
Home stays in Kenya has played a key role in promoting tourism in Kenya, benefit the local communities, and encourage the to conserve these area tourist visit.

The Kenyan government , Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Culture and Heritage are working with key players, stakehoders and the local communities to identify more suitable places for home stays, cultural homes and camps.

Kisumu homestay in Seme“Tired of the monotomy of hotels and lodges, the modern tourist is now seeking diversity and the best place to find it is within the cultural and estate home stays; eat their food, dance their dances, and live their lifestyle.”
Kenya with its diverse and integrated cultural backgrounds, it offers experiential vaccations to visitors by maintaining unique identity and tranquility


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