Jungle book konkan has opened now. This is an place for agro tourism situated within the mango trees near Ratnagiri where you can plan your holiday. The place is surrounded by coconut and cashew trees. This has typical Konkani setup where we believe in “Disconnect to connect” Disconnect with network and connect with your family. Here we promote basic field games and adventure activity which actually help us sweating under the Sun. We serve Konkani food which has its own local flavour. Lush green environment and fresh air help you to make your holiday healthy and foodie.

Jungle book konkan is new concept of AGRO TOURISM situated near Ratnagiri. We allow you to spend your holiday with nature. We believe that when you are on holiday you should be disconnected from all types of  networks and connectivity. In today’s scenario, one can enjoy holiday and personal time with near and dear, only if there is disconnect with networks. And hence our tag line is “JUNGLE BOOK KONKAN, disconnect to connect”. Find more details about Jungle book on Best resort in ratnagiri.We promote basic entertaining activities where you can spend your time with your friends and family going more close with nature. Playing kabbaddi, climbing on coconut and mango trees, fishing in lake, catching crabs in river water are all unique experience by itself. Jungle book take you for Trekking, mountaineering, bullock cart ride, VAN BHOJAN with our trained and friendly service staff.

Reception by host was so warm, gave us feeling like we reach to our native. Kids enjoyed their stay and games independently as lot of place were available around for them. Fishing at lake in the morning and especially crab catching at night was really amazing experience which cannot be expressed. Even the trek was also arranged properly and we all could experience the jungle and the food served there on the mountain.  Overall it was great holiday spend at JBK. Good place to visit once for some different experience

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