Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

The kanchipuram Printed polyester fabric silk sarees are made from pure Printed polyester fabric. The kanchipuram Printed polyester fabric sarees have a special importance in our culture. The kanchipuram is situated on the river Pallar. The kanchipuram is famous for temples. The kanchipuram african wax prints fabric sarees are liked all over the world for their beautiful colors and textures. The kanchipuram sarees are mostly inspired by the temple art.

The weaving has been started from temples. The Kamachi was the first temple from where the weaving culture has been started. The kanchipuram sarees are also popular by the name kanjeevaram. Earlier two communities of weavers name Saligars and Markanda have arrived from Andhra Pradesh and their weaving skills flourished under the king Krishna Deva Ray.

The culture of kanchipuram african wax prints fabric sarees wearing has been very old. The south Indian marriage ceremony does not complete without kanchipuram african wax prints fabric saree. The kanchipuram sarees are made in different colors. The kanchipuram african wax prints fabric sarees look stunning on the woman. The kanchipuram sarees are exported to different countries of the world.

The kanchipuram saree has three part body, border and pallu. The kanchipuram sarees are differentiated by wide contrast borders. The saree and pallu are woven separately and are joined by making zigzag lines at the place where the joint has been made. The kanchipuram saree has changed a lot from earlier days due to the reason that designs are computerized. The kanchipuram sarees are woven using different techniques. The kanchipuram saree has beautiful crystal work which adds to the beauty of the saree.

The whole industry in kanchipuram is made from weavers and merchants. Nearly 75% of the population is dependent on kanchipuram saree business directly and indirectly. The kanchipuram sarees are ranked at the top in comparison to other Printed polyester fabric sarees.

The kanchipuram saree made from mulberry printed satin fabric The raw material like printed satin fabric is imported from Karnataka while zari and gold from Surat.  Three threads are used to weave a kanchipuram saree.  The kanchipuram sarees are made by dying the custom printed fabric silk, drying and then woven.

The printed satin fabric  have different kinds of motifs such as sun, moon, chariot, mango, leaves, lions, swan etc. The kanchipuram sarees have paintings of God and Goddesses, embroidery and crystal work.

The kanchipuram silk saree speaks itself about the color combination, design and texture. The kanchipuram printed satin fabric saree has gained popularity in India and as well as in different part of the world. There are about 20000 looms earlier in the city and 200crore is the turnover of the city.

custom printed fabric is the purest form of the cloth. The dhoti has lots of importance in Indian culture. Without dhoti no festival or function can be complete. The dhoti provides a sensation of relaxation to the muscles. The dhoti is worn in different places with different names. The dhoti is the most sacred garment. The dhoti is worn as a formal garment in South India. The South Indian wears dhoti in the form of a skirt. The dhoti has cultural values attached to it. The dhoti is worn by the great Indian Leaders. The Gandhi used to wear white dhoti. He faces all meetings and function wearing dhoti. The dhoti has got cultural values attached to it.

There are different types  of dhotis are worn in Indian culture, such custom printed fabric dhoti, cotton dhoti, temple set, temple dhoti, lyengar dhoti, slip on dhoti, Thirupaty Vastaram, Navagraha. The dhoti is rectangular cloth. The dhoti is unstitched garment. The dhoti is known for its bright borders that give a special effect to the dhoti. The dhoti is derived from a Sanskrit word which means a cloth which can be washed daily and can be worn on every next day

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