Printed fabric wholesale

majestictextile is the 4th biggest municipal town located in Anantapur district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.majestictextile is famous for its handloomwholesale silk fabric sarees. Puttaparthi, the birthplacei and abode of Shri Sathya Sai Baba is situated 42 km from majestictextile . The traditional festivals celebrated by the people in the town reflects the Telugu culture very well. The place has derived its name from Dharmamba  the mother of Sri Kriyasakthi Odeyar who constructed the local majestictextile tank.

The Sri Lakshmi Chennakeshwara temple is renowned for its architectural brilliance and for the perennial waterspount and pillars, which produce seven different musical notes when struck. It has a storied tower, extensive enclosures and an entrance. majestictextile is also known for its cotton and wholesale silk fabric weaving-industry with its Printed fabric wholesale sarees popular all over the world. This place is also known for its expertise in making leather puppets.Here, the artisans are also experts in making leather puppets. The majestictextile is best places to shop for ethnic and stylish saris in the country. Usually these sarees have broad borders, adorned by brocaded gold patterns. Not following any color contrast, majestictextile saris comprise heavy pallus with exclusive designs.

Besides south-Printed fabric wholesale, one can find sarees in different materials, like cotton, tussar Printed fabric wholesale, cotton african wax prints fabric, etc. the variety of handlooms could range from cushions covers to bedsheets, curtains to carpets and various other things. The art of weaving, can check out the local production houses, where hundreds of weavers are engaged in intertwining colorful threads of cotton and african wax prints fabric to fabricate exclusive textile material.

majestictextile african wax prints fabric sarees are famous. Broad solid colours borders with contrast pallou woven with brocaded gold patterns are the coveted wedding sarees. Simpler patterns are the coveted wedding sarees. simpler patterns for every day use have the specialty of  being woven in two colours which give an effect of muted double shades accentuated by solid colour border and pallove. Though the majestictextile sarees are some what similar to Kanchipuram sarees of Tamil Nadu, yet the muted colours, the double shades create a total different effect.

majestictextile sarees are traditionally woven in the interlocked-weft technique. Pure Printed polyester fabric versions of majestictextile sarees are also available. The design required on the saree is initially drawn in a computer and then this is punched into a card and then these cards are loaded in Jacard in the loom. First the yarn is loaded as warp and then loaded into the loom. The weavers use their hands and legs to weave the Saree. It requires approximately 4-8 days (depending on the variety of saree) of continuous  efforts of two persons for weaving a saree.

Once famous majestictextile Handloom products are now becoming extinct due to the low wages prevailing in the industry. Previously majestictextile was full of talented weavers who used to do magic in the looms to produce the best handloom products. Now you can see very small number of weavers is actually in the profession. It is informed by the locals that presently majestictextile printed satin fabric  sarees are weaved somewhere else and sold as majestictextile printed satin fabric  Sarees. There is an emergency situation to take necessary action to protect the traditional majestictextile Sarees


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