printing through the years

Like any other industry in the world, the printing, especially the wedding invitation card printing industry has also undergone various changes through the years. The changes include the style Hologram Film, type, matter and designs. Let’s have a look at the evolution process in brief.

  1. Engraving

Engraving is considered to be the oldest form of printing It uses copper plates to engrave the letters on the paper. The letter/design would be kept in a reverse manner on the copper plate and it is pressed on the paper with enough force. It forces the paper to rise from one side and letters get engraved on that side.  If you want to design your wedding invitation card in the 17th century style, go for engraving type of printing. But this method is more expansive than other printing styles Hologram Film. stamping foil

The gold stamping foil method is the second stage of printing where the design/letters of the invite is stamped on a copper plate. The pigment color foil will be heated and applied on the paper with force. You will get various choices of fonts in this method and it is one of the best options for your elegant wedding invitation card printing. pigment color foil stamping is also an expansive mode of printing.


In this style of printing, a resin-like powder is placed on the paper and print it with the required ink. The paper is then heated to develop a raised surface. If you are planning for a stylish wedding card, then ask for thermography type of printing foil for fabric


4.Offset or Lithography

The most commonly used and preferred method of printing textile foil, the offset printing produces a flat image with better clarity than digital printing. The good thing about offset printing is that the quality is matchless. Not only that it is a pocket friendly choice as well.

5.Digital Printing

This is the most up-to-date and extensively used method for printing textile foil materials in bulk within a short period of time. Digital printing textile foil would also be a cost effective way if you want to reduce the cost spent on your wedding

foil for fabric


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