buying dress materials

When it comes to buying dress materials, take the following things to heart in order to ensure that you get the best Textile foil fabric and value for your money. Whether you’re buying dress materials online, have a look for the ongoing Textile foil fabric trends and always consider your custom needs. Each woman is unique in her physique. If some have pear shaped body, others have apple shaped, if some are blessed with hourglass silhouette while others are living with wedge/rectangle physique. No matter, whichever silhouette you possess, the key to look stunning depends on the material and style you choose.



Dressing is an art. Buying a ready to wear salwar suit is easy but sometimes it won’t match your expectations depending on your physique. The main clashing things are neck patterns and length of the top. In most cases alteration is not possible in the neck portion and in the top length. So many opt for dress materials to stitch salwar kameez as per custom needs. The second thing is the bottom. One can make it stitched like patiala, chudi bottom, dhoti bottom as per their custom taste. But in readymade salwar kameez one can’t alter a chudi bottom to a patiala or dhoti bottom to palazzo or vice versa. Whatever will be the style, dress materials can be stitched as per your comfort style depends on your silhouette.




There are variety of Gold stamping foil fabrics available in dress materials such as cotton, crepe, georgette, net, chiffon, silk, rayon etc.; the list is big. But the Gold stamping foil fabric chosen to stitch a salwar kameez must be comfortable for the wearer. Soft materials like chiffon, crepe and georgette will help the wearer to hide curves and look slim. If you are tall and have a size zero physique, opting cotton and net materials will give you a stunning look. Like foil for fabric , color also plays vital role while choosing dress material. Dark and shady colors are good to cover imperfections and curves. Alternatively, neon and lighter shades are good for those who have skinny or size zero silhouettes.





Now dress materials are also available in semi stitched styles or half stitched styles. In semi stitched style, the pattern/style/design of the suit will be already there in place and can’t be altered. One can only customize the waist, sleeves and chest size of it. Before buying a semi stitched foil for fabric, make sure that it matches your custom needs.



Hologram Film mode, an online clothing boutique exclusively offers women’s ethnic dress materials with an array of options in variety of Hologram Film


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