small business loans Minnesota companies

It is always important when looking online for a personal small business loans Minnesota or business loan that you find a company you can trust. We have researched the top 10 small business loans Minnesota companies and have found a few that stand out beyond all others. In today’s discussion we will be speaking about one of the best and most fair companies, Life House Funding. This company earned 5 stars and also holds an A+ with the BBB.

Life House was founded by James E House a well know CEO and contributor of a major financial company. His mission was to provide a counter balance to the high cost or uninformative companies available to the average consumer . The company was founded in the Southeast and has recently moved its corporate offices to DE. It has grown to several locations across the United States, but currently serves all 50 states.

Life House Funding, also known as Life House Financial services has been around for some time and works on a contingency basis for its clients. This one simple fact makes it stand out from all other business financing  loans Minnesota companies that have up front cost or fees.  Life House Funding only makes money if they are able to arrange financing for the borrower.

Another great thing that stands this company out from the rest is their care for your credit. They do not shop your credit around to a bunch of companies in search for a personal business financing  loans Minnesota or business loans. They first get a great understanding of your credit profile and financial situation before you matching you or applying you to a lender. This allows them to only approach lenders that are right for your situation. They can also help you address any possible issues that may hold you back from getting approved if needed.

Then there is the final and most important aspect of their business model we love and that is their no pressure approach. Once approved they will simply present you with the available SBA business loans Minnesota terms and rates for you to review on your own. They will never try to push or sell you into any SBA business loans Minnesota product at this time like so many other companies do. They will give you all your options and then stand back so you can decide what is the best option for you and your family.


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