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If you are a business promoter then this should be of concern to you. The software development sector underwent massive changes in the previous year. Some of the programming languages used for writing software code had new releases in terms of frameworks and tools. You ought to know what these are as that way, in case you wish to have a new application developed for your business, you will know which platform would be most suitable.

Some of the most noticeable trends as far as changes in Affordable Web Design Company in texas are concerned are a drastic shift from backend to frontend; some rapid browser releases and the so called ‘obituary’ of Flash. Every top Affordable Web Design Company in texas andlow cost website design companies in texas seems to have shifted the business logic of low cost website design companies in texas to the frontend from backend as it was earlier, the backend having become merely an API. As far as the browser releases are concerned, it seems that the Internet Explorer has competition in the form of the Edge custom Web Design company texas Browser. This means that updates from hereon will be available faster than ever. Most surprisingly, it seems that Flash finally seems to have its ‘obituary’ written. YouTube has made the switch to HTML5, which superseded Flash in importance. Firefox it seems has begun blocking Flash plugins by default. If this was not enough, then it may also be known that the Adobe Flash creation suite has been renamed as Adobe Animate.

On the language front, Python released version 3.5 with features such as Asyncio which has a node.js-like event loop and also type hints. Almost all libraries are available for Python 3 and there could never have been a better time to upgrade one’s legacy code base. If you want an application built where a lot of such libraries would be needed for reference, then you better hire a web design and development company whose expertise on Python is proven. PHP 7 is another language capable of fixing a number of issues and brings forth new features with the latest version such as The Right Way, CMS Systems such as WordPress and DruPal and HHVM for Facebook users.

JavaScript had updates in the form of ES2015 standard. Babel.JS helps bring the code to older browsers and Node.JS offers long term support which helps deliver stability to long lived projects and large companies. Swift 2 makes custom Web Design company texas on iOS and OS X easy, is open source and has been ported on Linux. Building back-ends from hereon is a real possibility what with the availability of server side software. Go 1.5 features major architectural changes as well and is the most widely used programming platform in major start-ups.

TypeScript is a static language which compiles to JavaScript. It integrates flawlessly with Visual Studio and Open Source Visual Studio Code Editors. It is also set to feature soon Angular 2 and is said to benefit large teams and code bases. Just in case you happen to be one of those adventurous ones, you have Haskell and Cloiure to try out. Then there are high performance languages as well such as Rust and Elixir. Polymer 1.0 is primarily based around Web design company in Texas Components, which is a standard for packaging HTML, JS and CSS into isolated widgets which can eventually be imported into Web design company in Texas apps.

In the Frontend, there is Bootstrap which offers Flexbox support and integrates SASS and promises a smooth transition from V3. Then comes Foundation, another frontend framework with its Version 6 focusing on modularity in order to facilitate the inclusion of necessary pieces that support a faster load time. MDL is another official framework by Google which facilitates building of material design best software development in texas  

In the Backend, for PHP, there are Symfony, ZendLaravel and Slim. For Python, there are Diango and Flask. For Ruby, there are Rails and Sinatra. For Java, there are Play and Spark and for Node.js there are Express, Hapi and Sails.js.

Popular databases that continue being used include Postgres and MySQL. Postgres is a relational database engine witnessing plenty of developmental activity and constantly improved features. MySQL is available in version 5.7 which offers JSON Columns for storing schema-less data best software development in texas.

Phew! That was quite some technical overload, wasn’t it? But then, this is what one makes most of. These are the platforms with their latest versions available for coding. Once you are done with your research, you can proceed with the one which suits your low cost software development in texas, business requirements to perfection.


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