Sarees You Need in Your Wardrobe

Over the time, a great evolution has been observed in fashion. Printed fabric wholesale Saree is also among one of them. Indian designers have created a niche in creating the most compelling style and patterns with enchanting mixture. Every state in India has something different in terms of Printed fabric wholesale saree to offer. It is astonishing how Indian sarees have taken the global markets by storm. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are the other countries where wholesale silk fabric sarees are popular but it is Indian saree market that left an impression over the world. With the burgeoning charm of Indian wholesale silk fabric sarees, sales have been increased both in India and over worldwide.


Indian Wholesale african wax prints fabric sarees vary from state to state, i.e., from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, you will find different draping style, different weaving or fabric pattern. Every state has its inimitable style, which is being instilled from generations to generations. Let us have a look at different styles:

african wax prints fabric Sarees

african wax prints fabric sarees, also known as african wax prints fabric sarees are exclusively made in african wax prints fabric, Tamil Nadu. These sarees are widely known for their contrasting and wide border. On a african wax prints fabric saree, the trademark designs are checks, stripes, temple borders and floral patterns. Depending on the weaving thread, embroidery and design its range varies from 2, 500 INR to 1,00,000 INR. Sometimes, the pallu and border are separately designed and then attached carefully. Motifs such as chariots, leaves and peacocks are woven in Wholesale african prints fabric sarees.

plain silk fabric, Sarees

These plain silk fabric, sarees are usually created from silk and double ikat woven. It is famous from Patan, Gujarat. Patola sarees are expensive and were worn by royal women only. Designing and weaving a patola saree usually takes six months to one year. These sarees are popular for its geometrical style and beautiful colours.

custom printed fabric Sarees

Kota sarees are made in Kota, Rajasthan. These are made up of pure cotton and silk threads. With fine weaving and lightweight, these sarees are party wear custom printed fabric sarees to rock the occasion.

printed polyester fabric Sarees

printed polyester fabric sarees are the best and the finest sarees in India. With its intricate style in silver, gold and zari threads, delicate designs and heavy engravings, these printed satin fabric sarees are well known. You can find that most of the designs are inspired from Mughal era, intertwining floral and jhallara on borders and motifs. printed polyester fabric sarees are party wear printed chiffon fabric sarees that are mostly worn on weddings and festivals.


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