How do I become gorgeous in exactly one month

1. Exercise every day. Jog in the morning right before sunrise. The morning breeze will change your mood level for better and you will feel good all day. Do 50 pushups, 50 situps and 50 lunges every day. No need to sign up at a gym for now. Wait until the 31st day when you’ll be motivated to be a regular. Otherwise you’ll waste your money by not going. Avoid tanning or sun exposure. Sun or tanning ages your skin. Put on sun block if you must go outside.

2. Eat fewer carbohydrates than the previous day. Reduce it gradually. Then you won’t be craving. For example, if you eat 2 slices of toasts, reduce to 1.5 slices for 3 days. Then to 1 to another 3 days. Replace sugar with raw, unfiltered honey. Add fruit and yogurt to fill you up. Gradually stop eating fast food, pastries, sugar, white rice, white pasta or white bread. Try brown rice, 100% wheat bread. Eat mostly lean protein, broiled fish, salad and yogurt. Keep raw almond with you for snacks. Salmon will rebuild your skin to make you look younger.

3. Make fresh smoothie at home with kale, carrots, beet roots, yogurt and any sweet fruit. Have it every night after a small dinner. Drink coconut water. Rub some of it on your face for 10 mins. Then wash your face. Your skin will be blemish free and brighter.

4. Eat good breakfast and lunch but small dinner. Always snack with almonds or carrots. Eat in moderation. No big portion. Reduce the portion gradually every day. Do not deprive yourself from food. Always have almonds if you feel hungry or even a small piece of cake. It’s ok to have pastries every now and then.

5. Take a multivitamin a day. Also take liquid cod liver oil. No sun exposure. No cigarette, alcohol or weed. No drug! Absolutely healthy lifestyle! Be nice and kind to everyone even when you don’t want to. You’ll need inner beauty as well to glow.

6. Wash your face every night with a soft cleanser. I use Dove white bar soap if no makeup or a good cleanser from Lancome with makeup. No one will tell you how good Dove is until you try. Then apply raw, unfiltered coconut oil on your face before applying moisturizer.

7. If you are a female, this is for you. Don’t do anything on your eyebrows. Let them grow and bushy. Then few weeks later, go to a thread place which will use threads to shape your eyebrows. You’ll love your eyebrows. You’ll also look better with natural looking, shaped eyebrows. Afterward, just use the tweezers to pluck the new hair. Also stop waxing your legs and let the hair grow. Start shaving. Then when you get all the hair back, sign up for laser hair removal for your legs, upper lips and underarms. The price has gone down significantly. Also you’ll be hair free for at least 6 weeks. If you continue every 6 weeks for a year, you’ll be hair free which will be worth it.

8. Get a water bottle. Add slices of cucumber, ginger and lemon. Drink 3 bottles or 3 liters every day. When you wake up, drink water on empty stomach. Your colon will be empty soon.

9. Whiten your teeth. Either buy strips at home or go to a dentist to have it done professionally. You want to have beautiful smile with white. Make sure not to have coffee, tea or wine to have stain on your white teeth.

10. Sleep well. Make sure to sleep well. Sleep is necessary to look and feel good. Then you won’t need caffeine. Cut down in caffeine too. Caffeine makes you skin look dry.

11. Everyday find 5 things to show gratitude. It can be the food on your table, roof over your shoulder, the best pizza, a nice chat with a good friend, etc. Everyday also find someone to help. Go out of your way to help. This will help your inner glow. Without the inner glow, the most beautiful exterior does not appear stunning. Most beautiful people are beautiful inside and out.

12. Every morning and night and every time you look at the mirror, tell yourself, “You are stunning and the best. Everyone loves you.” In order to feel stunning, you need to believe that too. Force yourself to look happy and smile. Eventually you’ll feel happy and beautiful. Otherwise no amount of plastic surgery will fix you.

13. On day 29, go to the store to buy clothes and cosmetics. Get clothes that accentuate your body and you feel comfortable -not too tight, not too loose. Try makeup that will lift you. Also buy shoes and accessories.

14. Day 30, go to a hair stylist. Change your hair color to lift your complexion. Get a new cut.

15. Take a selfie and post to Facebook. You’ll be getting lots of compliments for being so stunning. You’ll be amazed how clear, healthy and radiant your skin looks. You’ll feel more confident about yourself. You will have more energy too. You’ll also love yourself more and will be motivated to change your life for better.

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