database Marketing


The hotels database Marketing is the process of building, maintaining and utilizing the databases (on the customer, products, suppliers and resellers) for the purpose of contacting, transacting and building relationships.  The hotels database marketing is an interactive approach to marketing, which uses the individually addressable marketing media and channels such as mail, telephone and the sales force.


The salient features of hotels database marketing include:

ü      Extending help to a company to reach its target audience;

ü      Stimulating the customer demand; and

ü      Recording and maintaining an electronic hotels database of the customer, and all commercial contacts, so that the business firm could improve their future contacts and devise a more realistic marketing strategy.

Characteristics of Database Marketing

  1. Each actual or potential customer is identified as a record on the marketing hotels database
  2. Each customer record contains information (used to identify the likely purchases of particular products and how they should be approached) on:
  • Identification and access (eg. Name, address, telephone No)
  • Customer needs & characteristics (demographic and psychographic information about customers, the industry type and decision making unit information for the industrial customers)
  • Campaign Communications (whether the customer has been exposed to particular marketing communication campaigns)
  • Customers past responses to communications done as a part of the campaigns
  • Past transactions of customers (with the company and possibly with the competitors).
  1. This enables the firm to decide on how to respond to the customer needs.
  2. The hotels database is used to record the responses of the customer to the firm’s initiatives. (e.g. marketing communications or sales campaigns).
  3. The information is also made available to the company’s marketing policy makers which enables them to decide:
  • The target markets or segments appropriate for each product or service.
  • The marketing mix (price, marketing communications, distributions channel, etc) appropriate for each product in each target market.
  1. This step is vital in relationship marketing.
  2. The marketing campaigns are devised in such a manner to provide the most relevant information that the company is seeking.

The growth of hotels database marketing has been facilitated by:

  • The powerful processing capability and the immense storage capacity of state-of-the-art computers; and
  • The manner in which the telecommunication technology is harnessed to make the customer and market hotels database available to the wide variety of staff involved in the marketing and sales offices.

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