Tourism is a very important sector for earning or the economy of any country

Advantages of Database Marketing

             The one-on-one marketing, which directs the customized offerings to individual customers, has provided an additional thrust to database marketing.  It has employed the database to capture the interactions between a firm and its customers at each point of time and utilizes the Hotels Database analysis to search for patterns in these interactions.  These patterns provide the most attractive potential customers besides providing clues in customizing the products, pricing and promotions of a product.  When utilized in the proper manner, the database marketing could provide insights into the customer’s buying behavior across the product categories, so that the companies could devise their programmes and plans to the “whole customer”, then the customer seen only through the narrow view of their own products and brands.

Disadvantages of Database Marketing 

  • The cost incurred in setting up the software and hardware requirements has made the database marketing expensive in its establishment.
  • The database often demands new skills and organizations from new analytical and decision-making skills in sales and marketing to a revamped information system organization that could support the entirely new class of users.
  • The database marketing depends on the Hotels Database quality.  While the observational data is powerful, the corrupted observational Hotels Database could be ‘powerful misleading’.  The quality also depends on the quality of analysis and the extent to which the databases are linked.
  • Till now, the database marketing has been primarily used as a tactical tool.


The application of technologies to great more customer added value and to facilitate the coordinating of networks is of particular importance for a modern organisation and its networks.  A well-integrated application of technology and staff along with experience that could respond to the customer needs, encourage the customers to use a whole range of products/services of firm rather than confine to just a few.

The new technologies have radically altered the ways in which many service organizations deal with their customers.  The most powerful force for change today comes from the integration of computers and telecommunications.  The digitization allows text, graphics, video and audio to be manipulated, stored and transmitted in the digital language of computers.  The faster and more powerful software enables firms to create relational databases that combine the information’s about customers with details of all their transactions.  The firms could utilize these databases for a) insights into new trends, b) new approaches to segmentation and c) new marketing opportunities.  The technological change affects many other types of services too from airfreight to hotels to the retail stores.

Tourism is a very important sector for earning or the economy of any country. So the accommodation is a primary concern for tourism sector businesses. Hotels are thus a very important part. But now a days people are travelling around not only for the purpose of vacation but also for work purpose, thus hotels are way more important in today’s scenario. A hotel is maintained and rated by different criterion. This database “hotels database” contains the list of hotels, the places at where they are situated, the facilities available , contact details like contact numbers, email ids etc. This database can help many types of business organizations, like tourist agencies companies, companies supplying different products needed for maintenance of hotel, human resource supplier companies, advertisement companies etc. The business organizations in need can contact these companies by using the contact details given in the database, by emailing or by contacting the given contact number,We provide high quality Hotels Database List for Mobile & Email Marketing. All records are 2016 updated suitable for sending SMS, Telemarketing & Offline marketing.


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