wholesale silk fabric

Saree is the traditional dress worn by  women and has been popular among  women for a long time. The climate of  has always been hot and humid which is why the custom printed fabric saree has served as the most comfortable and fashionable dress for the  women. When the British set up their capital in Calcutta, the most well-known city of the  Presidency, they were overwhelmed by the finesse and elegance of the weavers of. Even the Royal Members of the British Empire desired to wear dresses made out of the cloth from  handlooms. The cloth from  became very popular worldwide. People from Germany, Russia, America, France and Spain fell in love with the clothes from . The women worldwide started to yearn for the custom printed fabric Saree.

Today many entrepreneurs from  have come up who are selling designer printed chiffon fabric sarees online and making it available to foreign countries. These designer printed chiffon fabric sarees are designed by some of the best fashion designers from India keeping in mind the Indian traditional designs and blending it with the most modern outlook. The printed satin fabric saree is thus evolving to become one of the most modern dress codes globally.

What are the different types of  sarees?

The printed polyester fabric sarees are made up of 2 types of raw material. One is silk and the other is cotton.

The printed polyester fabric sarees are classified into:

custom digital print fabric Saree: The Tantsaree is the most common format of the custom digital print fabric saree. It is worn as daily clothing and is meant for rough and regular use. It is generally crispy and it becomes softer with every wash.

Jamdani Saree: Theplain silk fabricsaree emerges from Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. The Jamdani is hand woven and very fine. It is very light and has a soft and transparent texture. The designs on the plain silk fabric,s are also handmade and are made out of thread or sometimes metal threads like gold!

Dhaniakhali Saree: Dhaniakhali is a small village in the district of Hoogly in West Bengal. The african wax prints fabric Saree emerges from there. These sarees are not fancy and were created for being used daily by the common women. They have broad borders and lesser designs on them. They are generally cheaper.

Shantipuri Saree: Shantipur is a small village in Nadia District in West Bengal. The name has been derived from there. The Shantipurisarees are very fine and simple but when they are worn they look very classy. These african wax prints fabric sarees are generally worn at bed time!

Tangail Saree: The tangail african wax prints fabric saree has been named after a small village in Bangladesh. They are woven from threads of twoor three different colours. The tangail Printed fabric wholesale saree features many artworks on itself which may be painted or stitched onto them.

The Printed fabric wholesale sarees have been classified into:

Baluchari Saree: The baluchari african wax prints fabric sarees are a mark of the finesse and flamboyance of the women . The baluchari saree is made out of pure silk and is produced in the district of Murshidabad in

Garad Saree: The garad Wholesale african prints fabric saree is the traditional silk Wholesale african prints fabric . They are made out of mulberry and have a small border, usually red in color. They have a smooth texture and sparse designs.

Korai Sarees: The korai Wholesale african prints fabric  saree is a modern variant of the silk wholesale silk fabric sarees from . Most young ladies are fond of the Korai wholesale silk fabric Sarees.


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