How many different systems do you use to manage your employees ?

How many different systems do you use to manage your employees ?
mployee Self Service

Empower your employees to access to their contracts and employment records, enable employees to update personal details and skills sets, to request Casual leave, sickness and absence online. Schedule and update self-appraisals etc.

Messaging Alerts

Receive Alerts the moment it requires actions, feedback, updates from you. For example; if an employee request a leave, the approval authority will be notified in the application, by the email or SMS and the approval authority can approve/Reject the same, this also will be notified back to the employee immediately.

Graphical Data

There are many reports and graphs to make the decision easily. High quality information output with less effort. Condensed information presented graphically on Recruitment, Selection process, Leave entries & Approval, Attendance Entries, Training, Skills, Overtime, Work efforts, Appraisals, Employee turnover etc. are all available.

Role Based Security

Easy and simple to configuration, organization can choose what information employees and managers have access to, limiting what HR Records can be viewed, edited, printed and deleted.

HR Software Calendars

Simple and easy to use HR software calendars presented in week, month or year formats. Company, Division, Department, Project based calendars available using visual colour codes to highlight holiday, sickness & much more.

24/7 Access from anywhere

RuleHR is a Cloud based web application. You can access your data from anywhere anytime using any device.

Cost effective

If you haven’t already compared pricing, we encourage you to do so now. You’ll find our HR software offer the best value for the price we charge. You can choose to pay us through a monthly subscription plan, based on how many employees you have, plus a one-time implementation fee.

Easy to use

One of our primary design principles is ease-of-use. We know how unwieldy conventional HR management software can be, so we design ours as exact opposites. You don’t have to undergo weeks or even days of rigorous training to use our software, simply because EasyHR products are so well-designed.

Increase accuracy and decrease risk

Human error can result in serious complications both financial and legal. RuleHR reduces the amount of error to a bare minimum. RuleHR provides easy methods for managing all aspects of your business, and the automation that RuleHR provides helps keep everything working properly.

RuleHR is a Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Model Human Resource (HR) and Payroll Management System. we provide HRMS software, HR software for management, cloud Model Human Resource management software, HRMS software, Payroll Management System software


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