Are you basically optimistic about the different areas of your life

Are you basically optimistic about the different areas of your life ? Do you expect happiness and health for yourself ? Do you tend to praise or find fault? Are you able to look at problems as potential opportunities?


An attitude of personal optimism and enthusiasm is a quality found in those who enjoy life to the fullest. By expecting the best we prepare ourselves both physically and mentally for the demands we face in our daily lives.Agence de communication – Agence web , Agence de communication digitaleAgence de communication visuelle ,  Agence de marketing – Agence de publicité , Agence de marketing ,  Agence de création graphique, Agence de référencement,

Here are some suggestions for becoming more enthusiastic:
1.Wake up happy. Listen to music. Sing in the shower. Have breakfast with someone you like who is positive and optimistic. Listen to a motivational tape on your way to work or school. Read an inspirational message.
2.Use positive self talk from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. “I’m doing a good job.” “I’m getting better.” “I’m special.” “I’m going to make a positive difference today.”
3.Look for something good in your personal relationships. Remember everybody has positive qualities.
4.Think positive thoughts about your health and live a healthy lifestyle. I like to tell myself, “I’m in excellent health and have boundless energy.”
5.Learn to stay relaxed in times of pressure. Breathe slowly and deeply. Lower the tone and pitch of your voice. Sit back and relax your muscles. Respond calmly to problems.
6.Avoid being critical or judgmental. Look for something to praise.
7.Look at problems as opportunities. By doing this we challenge our creativity and will become more solution oriented. View the solution as if you were advising a good friend.
8.Expect the best from others. Express your optimism and positive expectations about others on a daily basis. Encouragement and praise are contagious.
9.Examine facts in a realistic manner while remaining optimistic about your abilities.
10.Associate with optimists and those who get the most out of life.
11.When you start a project, concentrate all your energy, without distraction, on the successful completion of that project.
12.Expect Good Things To Happen. I like to start each day by saying, ” I approach today with the positive expectation that God is going to bless me and my family in a magnificent way!”

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We can learn to be enthusiastic about ourselves, our situations and the people around us if we are willing to make the effort. It is our own responsibility to make sure that we enjoy life. It does not take anymore time or energy to do so and it is much more rewarding.

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