Fabric or cloth is a flexible artificial material

Fabric or cloth is a flexible artificial material that is made by a network of natural or artificial fibers. There are different types of foil for fabric like cotton, polyester, silk, acrylic, velvet etc. Cotton, is the most  famous foil for fabric and most widely used fiber in the world because of its versatility and ability to provide good comfort, particularly in apparel items


textile foil is one of the most beautiful and valuable textile foil in India. It’s a textile foil of silk with gold or silver in woven pattern. This fabric foi is famous for its luxurious look and softness.Kimkhab is woven with gold wires or threads, which are also known as kalabattu.The most interesting part of this fabric foi is, it gives you a warm feeling in winter and keeps you cool in summer.The fabric foi can also be classified according to the amount of gold and silver thread used and the coloured thread or silk used for different designs.Men can use this gorgeous fabric foi for trousers and women can also make petticoats or skirts with it. Kimkhab is a heavy Hot stamping foil, thus we mostly see this fabric used in ethnic outfits like sarees and sherwanis, especially for wedding purposes. The Hot stamping foil, makes every special occasionextraordinary.


Kinkhab was originally an elegant, heavy silk Textile foilwith a floral or figured pattern known most for its butis and jals woven with silk as the warp and tilla as the weft, produced in China and Japan. Kimkhab a  expensive and rare Textile foil you can get. i


Jacquard Gold stamping foil is woven on a jacquard loom. It’s basically produced by raising various groups of warp yarns as every group of warp yarn is lifted on a frame which is called as harness. To weave jacquard Gold stamping foil, variety of yarn can be used in various weights and fibre contents.Jacquard is a versatile fabric foil which gives us many options to make great things. Right from your garments to upholstery, this f transparent hologramfoil serves everything well. You can use this transparent hologram to make dresses, curtains, pillow covers and many more.Get great results from this fabric every time you use it.

Jamavar means robeyard. The base of the jamawar is mostly resham, with perhaps an addition of a little polyester. The brocaded parts are woven in similar threads of silk and polyester. So it is basically a expensive transparent hologram but you can get jamavar in very less price comparatively  we are  the professional c supplier. Supplying all kinds of Gold stamping foil, textile foil ,foil for fabric, Hot Gold stamping textile foil for fabric, fabric foil


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