alternative for a developing SME

A comparative view of SAP at one end of the ERP spectrum, Tally at the other end and Symco ERP being functionally comprehensive and rightly priced.

Symco was founded, as an accounting package, by gold medalist Chartered Accountants in year 1986. Within a year build other modules integrated with Financial Accounting, each with strong functionality.

About ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning):

SAP is module base fully integrated, sophisticated, well tried and tested and globally accepted ERP software. Tally is integrated among various functional areas; there is no module concept in Tally.

Symco is a module based fully integrated, robust ERP software, used for local & global operations; with a loyal user base.



SAP is a Comprehensive ERP with all modules viz. Financial Accounting, Controlling, Assets Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Financial Supply Chain Management, Human Resources (HR), Investment management, Materials Management, Product Life Cycle Management, Plant Maintenance, Production Planning, Project Systems, Quality Management, Sales & Distribution, Service Management and Business Intelligence for reports. Tally is integrated among various functional areas, like Accounting, Finance, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing, Payroll, Costing, Job Costing, Legal Compliance etc. which are part of the standard software and automatically integrated by default subject to quick setup. There is no module concept in Tally.

Symco is a comprehensive ERP with modules, for manufacturing & service organizations, viz. Financial Accounting, Order Processing and Invoicing, Export Documentation, Purchase & Inventory Management, Production Planning & Monitoring, Sub Contracting, Costing & Cost Control, Fixed Assets, Human Resource Management & Payroll. iDesk for Budgeting, Budgetary Control & Management Reporting. User has an option to generate customizable reports.

Both with Symco & SAP, any logical combination of modules can be implemented and integrated as per requirement. Tally, though implemented as Tally ERP, certain areas of the software do not talk to each other.


Cost of Ownership, Implementation and Maintenance:

In case of SAP, cost of ownership is high. Organizations purchase select modules and often budget for customization too.Cost of Tally product is affordable, even for proprietor setups.

Symco has flexible pricing, can purchase license or pay per use. SME with corporate offices in cities and manufacturing/ operations in remote locations with low internet connectivity find Symco solutions of hardware & software setup, affordable.

Implementing and integrating SAP is considered as a project as it involves long term planning, high investment and gestation period.             Tally on the other end, can be implemented quickly. It is as easy as thinking of a product, buying it either online, read instructions and start using it.

Symco has one of the best ERP implementation team. SME owners, with mixed talent of experienced and professional staff, are often concerned about actually usage of ERP. Symco’s phased implementation of modules with first hand training eases change pressure. ERP updates are provided as part of maintenance.


User friendliness, Training & Learning, Software support, Third party software compatibility, Suitable for:

SAP is not very user friendly. Tally on the other hand is absolutely user friendly. Symco too has a user friendly interface.

One cannot learn SAP functionality independently. It requires professional guidance and training. Tally is very easy to learn as educational version of the software is available along with supporting help files, online. Symco requires minimum training and has inbuilt support file.

SAP requires strong IT team to keep the product running. Organizations often develop internal team.Tally provides 24/7 software support. Symco boasts of a strong software support team

SAP has very high and reliable communication with third party software. Tally does not have very good communication with third party software, as it is developed with a core proprietary engine.        Communication with third party software is possible in case of Symco, with planned effort

SAP is good and advisable only for large scale business having multinational, cross border, multi-location operation with multi point control. Tally is good and advisable only for small and medium scale business where data volume is not very high and entire operation and management is very closely controlled. Symco is good and advisable for Small, Medium and Large scale business having multinational, cross border, multi-location operation with multi point control.

Technology, Speed and Data Handling Capacity:

SAP has a three tier (R3) database technology. Completely based on coding. Tally is code-less ERP System developed with a core proprietary engine and a Software Development Kit namely Tally Definition Language (TDL). Completely based on coding, Symco has a powerful Database MSSQL with Hybrid solution of client server and web based IDesk

SAP processing speed is not very fast but it can handle huge volume of data. Tally is lightning fast but it is true only up to certain level of data volume.  Symco’s processing speed is good and can handle large volume of data.We provide high quality Corporate Database in India for Mobile & Email Marketing. All records are 2016 updated suitable for sending SMS, Telemarketing & Offline marketing.CEO DatabaseSME DatabaseOnline shopping Database


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