CrunchBase is one of the leading pedestals in discovering the innovative organizations and the individuals who are leading them. The organization has been successful enough in delivering the market insights to numerous users and commercial enterprises around the oblate spheroid.


Database is increasing by the day-The database of this maverick organization is currently increasing through major contributions from the community of users along with investment firms and network of global partners.

Registration through crunchBase– An individual can register his or her businesses through Facebook connect. The links in the homepage will surely help; finally you can track all the edits on the crunchBase page. Following this you can add a profile of a new person.

Editing the profile of the company– One can edit a company or person profile by going for a rigorous search for the profile and then clicking onto the respective edit buttons. You can find a left hand menu, which will allow you to click and then select the concerned areas you want to update.

Knowing about the date and its accuracy– You do not know if the date is accurate or not. As there are gamut’s of individuals the profile of the companies along with the financial organization and individuals, some mistakes might add up. To be honest the information might also turn out to be outdated. If you notice anything that are in need of change, you can go ahead and finally edit the page.

Adding a link for image attribution– Make it very much sure of using image that are either in the public domain or have specified free usage license which includes the ranks of CC-BY or it can be like GFDL. For free use license you need to provide attributions. It should be linked back to the pages that you find the image on. If are finding the image in social networking site, you need to provide credit to both the site and the individual.


Information that needs to be added in crunchBase profile

  • General and basic information about the company
  • The Logo of the organization
  • An overview and details of the company
  • Tags and the categories the company is in
  • Information about the location and the corporate
  • The individuals associated with the company
  • The existing competitors
  • The products and services
  • The funding agencies
  • The various external links
  • The varied providers and legalized agencies who are in contact with the organization

CrunchBase features startup events– The start up calendar is one of the way of highlighting the various startup events and the participating companies. The organizations that contribute to the start up calendar will be having their event featured in the weekly newsletters which are included in CrunchBase blog spots. The event organizers who are all in readiness and in want of the event to get featured should meet the following guidelines:


(A) The representatives of the company should have the tenacity in getting in touch with CrunchBase at least twice a week

(B) The event should be featuring a minimum of five startups or speakers

(C) One should provide them with at least of minimal information about the startups or speakers participating in the events.


Accelerator news– It is to be noted that the portal is capable of featuring accelerating news in a weekly newsletter. If the accelerator is accepting the applications, you can send across an e-mail along with the information’s   about the program which are cropping up. The information to be provides are, the location along with the start date and funding provided and more importantly the list of notable graduates.


CrunchBase supports venture community– the crunchBase venture program is absolutely free and open to the various venture organizations. If you are willing to enroll the name of your organization in the program, you need to sign up. Once you have signed up the representatives will shoot you an email, which will contain a simple spreadsheet with the investment. They will send you the details relating to the fund and team information, which you can update and send the back.

It is to be noted that the profiles on CrunchBase are not at all affiliated with any one user account. Anyone with the user account can edit any profile.

The account info– Each registered user on CruchBase do have a dedicated account information page. The account information page is where you can find the entire details which include the name along with the image and bio, when you joined and what social methodology you are authenticated with. Additionally you can manage the email notifications and view the profile that you are currently following.


Managing the email subscriptions– In managing email subscription do visit the account information page. You need to click on to your name along with the image in the top right of the global navigation and then select “account info” from the drop down menu.

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