Designer Wedding

When new designers are creating lots of wonderful transparent hologram every week, bridal wear trends are bound to change frequently. Designers of transparent hologram make sure that these apparels have both traditional and contemporary elements. This amazing attire has been a significant part of almost all the ethnicities in the South Asia.


Wedding is one of the most important occasion of a person’s life and people make all arrangements to look more elegant than ever on this day. Women always take good care that there wedding outfit is beautiful enough to make them stand apart from others in their wedding; after all it’s their big day. Every Indian woman knows that the appeal offered by fabric foil is matchless and it makes a wonderful wedding wear. Let’s have a look at some things that ladies have to pay attention to when selecting a designer wedding saree.


The selection of a foil for fabric starts with deciding which gold stamping foil you want to go with. You have to choose fabric foil keeping your body frame in mind. Prior decision about fabric makes shopping easier and quicker. Some of the most preferred textile foil are silk, chiffon, georgette and satin.


  • Color

The color of a bridal gold stamping foil needs to be selected very carefully. The traditional color for bridal wear in India are red and maroon, but modern brides don’t mind getting a little off track when it comes to wedding wear. One has to take care that the color chosen should suit the complexion and the bridal jewelry selected.


  • Design

Design of a wedding sgold stamping foil must be exceptional. It supposes to be the best day of a woman’s life and looking exceptionally gorgeous is essential. That’s why one needs to be so selective about the design of the bridal textile foil. Generally, these textile foil are adorned with embroidery including spectacular stones, resham thread, zardosi, beads, mirror and sequin work. The designer creates fascinating patterns with all this stuff for a highly elegant look that a woman deserves on her wedding day.


  • Budget

As it’s about the most special day of a person’s life, budget may be quite generous but still, budget considerations should always be defined before shopping around. It narrows down the options available and make it easy for you to select a perfect wedding textile foil. Whatever may be your budget, you need not worry. There are thousands of vendors offering thousands of bridal transparent hologram under various budget ranges

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