Fabric Manufacturers

The Banarasi handloom industry is currently busy weaving innovative designer foil for fabric with old and traditional patterns including Kadhwa, Kimkhab, Shikargah, Gethua, Jamdani and Baluchari and the bridal lehengas that were once all about zardozi and gold wire embroidery have been given a new twist, and are being replaced by ‘designer’ lehengas. These designer inspired Banarasi garments have opened new avenues for the Banarasi fabric foil manufacturers and weavers who are not only getting a chance to reach more people but also an opportunity to capture new markets.

Copying the designer labels

Copying the designer labels in terms of weave and style (minus the cost) is the new trend that Banarasi weavers and manufacturers are following and this in turn has increased the demand for Banarasi garments. Many Banarasi Gold stamping foil foil manufaturers & weavers have validated this paradigm shift. For instance, Kaushik Selat, a manufacturer of Banarasi saris and Gold stamping foil, confirmed that he recently got a silk kimkhab (traditional weave of Banaras) sari made for a customer from Mumbai. Similarly, a local textile manufacturer, Muqeem Akhtar, said that he has witnessed a steep rise in demand of check-patterned Banarasi saris ever since it was showcased by the celebrity designer Manish Malhotra in his collection.

Moreover, with Bollywood stars also opting for Banarasi garments, the demand for look-alikes has been rising. Even, the involvement of designers has made Banarasi products aspirational who have introduced innovation and new designs in classical weaving catering to all age groups.

This is the same Banarasi industry about which doubts were raised initially, but after the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi and government’s intervention to revolutionise the Indian handloom industry at large, and Varanasi in particular, the sector has witnessed an unprecedented growth.

In Varanasi, the manufactures and weavers today, are happy with the recent development in the sector. The number of designers working with the Varanasi weavers and fabric foil manufacturers has increased from a small number of 6 last year to 110 this year.
Top fashion designers including Ritu Kumar, Gaurang Shah, Shruti Sancheti, Hemang Agarwal and many more have given exemplary designs to the weavers and are also training them to develop a range of Banarasi garments that are affordable and stylish.

Apart from design interventions, application of advanced technology is also facilitating these manufacturers to make copies of these  fabric foil therefore making it affordable for an average customer. Copyright violation is not an issue for the weavers as most of these designs used are traditional motifs that have been around since time immemorial, and have evolved over the years. Nobody has a copyright over these designs. While most of the designers also know that their clothes are being replicated but they handle it positively saying that they can always develop something new.we hologram foil supplier in China. Supplying all kinds of transparent hologram foil,buy transparent hologram foil, wholesale transparent hologram foil.


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