The most famous business management software

Along with a strong authority, efficient managers and dedicated workers a company require some more. A successful organization culture is said to be held when all the information flowing through an organization is tracked and seamlessly controlled. Previously the data tracking and recording was done by human beings, which involved too much time and effort. Much more workers were needed.  But nowadays the tedious job is being done by some simple and ready-to-use software. The evolution of these software has made the process of small business accounting software in UAE much smoother, clearer and efficient.

One of the most famous small business accounting software in UAE.  It is an acronym for enterprise resource planning. ERP is a complete software package available in the market to gain seamless control over the information flowing through an organization. It is a multi-faceted tool that is used to keep track of all the records relating to financial process, manufacturing, development, sales, company culture, human resource, and supply chain and customer relationship management. Any organization including profit, non-profit, government, and non-government can use this software to perform their small business financial management software in UAE strategies more efficiently.

The most important thing about ERP s is there are software development kits that they can be used to synchronize with other software or further development of the software. The effectiveness of evolution ERP has reached a bit farther with newer trends that have been produced recently. This helps in achieving more user-friendliness and real-time utilization. The new trends are Mobile ERP, cloud ERP, social ERP and two-tier ERP. There is a variety of ERP vendors available in the market to help you produce the right ERP according to the size of your business.

There is another effective small business financial management software in UAE to name: . The software has been proved to be a powerful business management tool all over in Africa. The software helps you in gaining control over all the financials, manufacturing and processing, human resources and customer relationship conditions within your business. Sage Evolution serves you with effective best erp software in UAE and appears as a powerful business management tool with multi-faced facilities.

Accounts Management (AP, AR, GL)


  • Financial year
  • Accounting Period with Open and Close
  • Account Segment and Mask
  • Account Type & Class
  • Chart of Accounts with Segmentation
  • Cost Center
  • Accounts Mapping
  • AR Receipts
  • AR Aging with User Defined Buckets
  • Journal
  • Contra
  • Debit Note
  • Credit Note
  • Bills Allocation
  • Year End Process
  • E-Return Statements

• A total integrated business management system provided by a single software

• One reliable control over management strategies

• Keeping track of all the activities going through your company and reporting you back with all the necessary details

• Lowest total cost with increased productivity

• Necessary updates and development by your need.

Today there are many business management software vendors in both the offline and online markets. But you should choose the right one for you according to your need, budget and size of your business

NetIBIZ ERP is a perfect Accounting & Inventory solution for business concerns by keeping effective Sales & Purchase, maintaining a good inventory throughout the Sales and generating desired reports. It provides easy and Multi User friendly interface. small business accounting software in UAE, Accounts Management software in UAE



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