Developing a talent pipeline and nurturing employees is tough

Do you think, developing a talent pipeline and nurturing employees is tough? If so, you’re not alone!

Only 4% of organizations believe that their talent pipeline meets business needs while one-third of organizations believe that their internal pipeline is poor or non-existent. If you have been struggling with a poor talent pipeline due to budget or time constraints, you may like to try employee cloud hrm softwares in UAE

Bersin by Deloitte stated, that organizations are spending more on employee training & development initiatives and the investment had increased by 15% in 2014. No doubt, employee training has become a major part of successful business strategies to yield high return-on-investment. Employers can implement multiple systematic steps, workflows, and integrated Cloud based HR Software in UAE to support training processes.

Let’s take a quick glance at some of the major employee training management challenges that can be addressed with the help of a configurable cloud-based cloud model hrms software in UAE. Also, see how employers can stay within their HRMS software in UAE while managing training programs online.

      A. Unable to Identify Training Needs

When employee training programs are managed manually and informally, it is difficult to identify skill gaps and training needs for each employee. Human Resource Software in UAE and managers are unable to identify specific training requirements of employees. On the other hand, a training management software makes it simpler to maintain a skill sheet for each employee, identify minimum acceptable level of skills and competencies for each job position and capture skill gaps. Based on the annual development plan, employees are provided training and development opportunities that can help them plan their career growth.

      B. Training a Mobile Workforce Is Tough

The constantly increasing size of workforce, that has teams working in multiple locations, shifts and time zones, comes across as the next major challenge in training management programs. By leveraging cloud hrm softwares in UAE, employees can be provided flexible training programs that can help them to develop new skills at their own convenience.

     C. Controlling High Training Costs

First, let’s be very clear with the fact that training wrong employees for skills that they do not need to stay competent at job, is the biggest shortcoming of an informal training program. Knowing employee training needs helps in making training program more effective and cost saving.

Second, hiring manpower to conduct and manage employee training and development programs may have significant cost impact. Instead, organizations should select automated payroll cloud software in UAE to streamline training process without manual intervention. This will help in controlling training costs.

      D. Insufficient Training Feedback

Keeping track of training programs and progress of each employee during these sessions is not an easy thing to do. However, an online training Payroll Management software in UAE helps in collecting feedback from employees and trainers in a systematic way.Payroll Management software in UAEs can view training reports to compare skills of employees before & after the training sessions.

How does an employee hr software in UAE help?

The cloud-based hr software in UAE provides a collaborative workflow for managers, employees, training coordinators, and the leadership to identify employee’s training needs, prepare individual development plan for each employee, create comprehensive training calendar, and maintain records of the training imparted to employees. It is also useful to –

  1. Maintain skill sheet for each employee
  2. Define core competency database for the organization
  3. Capture employee skill gaps
  4. Provide training need identification workflow
  5. Capture feedback from trainers and employees
  6. Allow change requests to the allocated programs
  7. Provide multiple reports related to training costs, allocation, time spent, and more

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