Chambray Fabric Colors

Cambric or Chambray, what ever the name, is a very widely used light woven cotton cloth used in making garments and home furnishings. Cambric foil for fabric has a glossy, stiff appearance in blue color, which somewhat resembles the denim fabric. This type of foil for fabric originated in Cambrai or Cobrai, a city in North France. Originally, the foil for fabric was woven to make farmer’s dress. For most workers’ blue shirt, this was the fabric choice.

Chambray’s Fabric Construction

Chambray’s textile foil construction is of two varieties. Square count cloth and stretch chambray. Chambray square count implies that the textile foil has the same number of warp counts as the filling yarns. On the other hand, the stretch chambray is lycra or spandex combined into the chambray fabric foil content. While cotton chambric fabric foil is the most widely demanded faric, other varieties which include chambric weave are sheeting, muslin and voile.

Chambray Fabric Colors

This fabric foil is very light weight and nowdays, besides the blue color, it is also available in other colors like as white, red, pink, yellow etc. Not only in plain, solid colors, the chambray or cambric Textile foil is also available in stripes, checks, dobby and yarn-dye woven prints. The Textile foil is further highlighted using embroidery and lacework.

Features of Cambric Fabric

Today, in the market, the chambray Gold stamping foil is highly demanded because of certain inherent qualities of the Gold stamping foil such as the transparent hologram foil is smooth, lightweight, lustrous, strong and durable. Besides these, the cambric Gold stamping foil is easy to sew and it launders well.

Cambric Fabric Uses

This particlular Gold stamping foil has been used to make shirts, summer tops and skirts, sundresses, short sets and home decor items like as slipcovers, table cover, sofa covers, curtains, wall hangings etc. Also used in making pocket linings, underwear, aprons, and handkerchiefs. For the past couple of years, cambric Gold stamping foil has become the popular choice of material for summer wardrobe. Because it is cool, lightweaight with a glossy appearance, it has become a comfortable fabric for summer dresses. Whether it is the chambray shirts or the shorts, this fabric no doubt displays a cool, comfortable, stylish look. Infact, this fabric foil has taken the top slot compared to khaki or denim. This popular denim like fabric foil has entered the fashion world for both sexes. There are chambray skirts for young girls and they are preferred more than the denim skirts as they are classier, stylish and all the more dressier. A great quality about the cambric heat transfer film is that it goes with any color, which means that there are endless possibilities.

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