fabric architecture creating new tensile structure application in India

Architecture structure is creative design of foil for fabric; innovate by some European countries in eighteen century. As we know that India is developing country. It is getting very fast of developing architecture design in his development and infrastructure program. Tensile structure is a light weight structure of textile foi fabric. We saw that Ancon Enterprises is making awareness of tensile structure architecture, when it was on starting phase in India. How ancon start his journey with small project of tensile structure in Delhi. How they become big tensile structure manufacturer in India in next few year. Ancon Enterprises got many award in his 10 years journey in India as we as global level.

Ancon Enterprises tell us about many application of tensile structure in India. Some applications are highly used tensile ,,fabric foil structure. Tensile Hot stamping foilarchitecture creates new application of tensile structure in Indian market. Ancon Enterprises told us that when we start work in tensile structure in India. We found that people were not aware about tensile structure uses. People only take use of tensile structure awning and canopy. That time the scope was not high in India. After that tensile structure create new application such as tensile structure. Today, tensile structure is highly demanding in all weather condition.

When tensile structure creates new application of tensile structure in India was stadium. We saw in last few years that highly demanding work in tensile structure industry is sport complex, stadium, food court and walkway working. I think that no one stadium is not in India, which has not small work of tensile structure. We have few great example of tensile Textile foil structure in India is Jawaharlal stadium Nehru stadium in New Delhi, R K Khanna Tennis complex in New Delhi, The Yamuna Sport Complex in New Delhi,  The D Y Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai, Usha Raje Cricket Stadium in Indore, Jharkhand State Cricket Stadium in Ranchi and many more. Now government is highly focused on sport activities and development of sport facilities for athletes. So we can assume that demand of Gold stamping foil increase in coming days.

Another highly demanding tensile structure application is construction Industry. Tensile membrane structure used in construction building such as awning and canopy, car parking shades, food court tensile structure, tensile roofing, restaurant tensile structure. Tensile Gold stamping foil structure in applicable in corporate building, commercial building, shopping mall and residential apartment. Tensile structure used in shopping mall as food court covering, walkway covering and tensile car parking shade.

India railways, Metro Rail Corporation and Indian Roadways are new application for fabric foil structures. We got few recent project of tensile structure in Delhi metro. Tensile structure is used as covering of metro stadium with tensile membrane structure, ticket counter cover by tensile roofing and parking space is cover by pigment color foil fabric structure. Indian Railways is making over his image with tensile structure. It’s creative design and look giving India Railways platform to competitive to world level platform. Railway platform, ticket counter, reservation counter and passenger terminal are cover by tensile roofing structures. Other demanding tensile structure application is bus stands and bus terminal. It will take some time to take proper use of tensile structure manufacturer in India. Ancon Enterprise is tensile structure manufacturer help you to fulfill your need.


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