Know About Responsive Web Design

In current scenario, desktop-based access is out-shined by mobile browsing due to an exponential increase in mobile devices users to browse web sites and apps.

But unfortunately, many of these mobile devices are not optimized for browsing the web. This unresponsive Website Design trivandrum may cause problems to a mobile user and thereby hamper a web business with Website Design trivandrum failure.

A different approach is required to overcome the constrained website content on the mobile display screen, thereby helps to create a website that works best across different platforms to attract people.

So, Responsive best web design company in trivandrum is playing a big role in rapidly shifting the magnitude of this epitome from table based layouts to CSS and representing the future.

Know About Responsive Web Design

Simply, a responsive best web design company in trivandrum is a reformat of website’s pages depending on a device which is being used to view web content i.e. a desktop computer, a phone, or a tablet and remained user-friendly.

Mostly, to change the look and feel of a website as per the size of display devices, CSS media queries are used. It is quite cumbersome to customize the responsive website layouts for all the devices in the testing process. As Responsive Web Design trivandrum banks upon flexible and fluid grids, so firstly, the website should be optimized for a mobile device, and then for tablet and desktop users progressively.

Also, some open-source tool-kits like Bootstrap and Foundation can be used for easily building a Responsive website.

You can follow some of “Responsive Web Design trivandrum” Strategies :

  • Fluid or Liquid Layout Design : All different device sizes can be described as container widths in terms of the browser view-port aspect ratio or percentages, which can contract or expand, whenever the browser window size changes.
  • Media Queries: According to the capacities of a device display being used, such as resolution, size, aspect ratio, and color depth, make different style sheets.
  • Fluid images: Images should be adjusted & set to occupy the maximum width of display.

Now one of important question arises, how responsive layout can succeed a Web Design trivandrum in the SERP ?

Sometimes an e-Commerce business website may pose trouble with lack of consistency between different devices i.e. during purchase of any product.

With a user friendly Responsive design, a user can experience same convenience to browse a Web Design trivandrum on any device i.e. smart-phone, desktop, or tablet.

In a business, responsive best web development company trivandrum strategies helps to attract people to purchase your product in the following ways:


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