most important module of a Hospital Management System?

What is a hospital management system?

A hospital management software in UAE is an integrated information system designed to manage the administrative, financial and clinical aspects of a hospital.

What are the most important modules of hospital management system?

The most important modules of best hospital management software in UAE are:

  • Patient Management:
    • In-patient Management: System designed for patient registration, filter clinic, emergency room, appointment maintenance, OPD and more
    • Out-patient Management: System aimed at admission, physician order, patient progress, clinical summary, examination sheet, medication order, discharge summary and more
  • Ward Management: Systems dedicated for ward management and resource scheduling
  • Bed Management: Online systems for bed allotment, deallotment and more
  • Consultant Management: Systems aimed to improve the practice of physicians and are also recommended by the government for deployment
  • Treatment Management: Systems dedicated for value based better care delivery
  • Nursing Management: Computer based information systems designed to help nurses provide better patient care
  • Medical Services Management:
    • OT Management: System with next-gen operation thretre management and synchronization capabilities
    • Pharmacy Management: Designed to address the demands of a pharmacy department and help pharmacists monitor how medication is used in hospitals
    • Radiology Information System: Systems popular for their ability to provide radiology billing services, appointment scheduling as well as reporting and patient database storage
    • Laboratory Information System: Systems dedicated for Registration, billing, contract management, accounts receivables, work list, processing and reporting, Quality control, barcode – generation, printing and reading, in-built bi-directional interfaces with equipment
    • Cardiology Information System: System with Ready HL7 interface or bundled with PACS and In-built Interface to Tally or bundled with Tally
  • Material Management: System designed for Item master maintenance – medical and non-medical
  • Pathology Management: Designed to address the needs of pathology department and help in appointment scheduling, diagnostic tests and report generation
  • Billing Management: Systems popular for their finance management abilities

Is it better to develop a hospital management system software in UAE from scratch or deploy some turnkey solution?

Well, none of the options are absolute. I will recommend you to go for a turnkey solution only after getting some customization done.

One of the most reliable hms software for hospitals in UAE available in market today is made by. It is an integrated end-to-end Cloud HMS software in UAE encompassing the clinical, financial and supporting applications required for a hospital. The solution addressed core services, support services and the back office services in a hospital.

Key Features:

  • HL-7 interfaces across all modules that facilitate standards conformance
  • Centralized information with seamless flow of the financial data to the payer modules
  • Executive information system (EIS) that graphically displays the data for the management reviews
  • The billing, insurance processing modules effectively process clinical data for efficient payout for health encounters


We provide hospital management system software in UAE, healthcare management software in UAE,


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