Simple Indian Mehendi Designs for Hands

From the ancient period, Mehendi is used for making women’s hands more beautiful and attractive. It has some traditional values in Indian Culture. It is believed that applying Indian style Simple Mehndi Designs on hands will bring fortune. Without Mehendi rituals could not be completed, because that much value is given for this beautiful natural dye by the ancestors in our country. Regardless of the caste and community, all women loved to apply Mehendi on all occasions on which they will look more awesome and beautiful. Indian style Simple Mehndi Designscan be applied on forehands, back hands, as well as anklets.Mehendi is actually a natural dye made from the leaves of Henna plant. This dye will appear in an orange red color. Before going to the designs, let’s have a look at the dye preparation. As stated first, the Mehendidye is made from Henna plant. The leaves and stems of henna plant are dried first to make the henna powder. Later the powdered henna is mixed with lemon juice and sugar solution to make a paste. Later add some essential oil and stir till the texture become silky smooth. Pour the paste into a plastic cone and apply it as per the design.

Image result for Top 10 Indian Mehendi Designs for Wedding


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