Original Real Beauty Blender Lauxter Cosmetics!

The real beauty blender Lauxter Cosmetics are the trend that has conquered all of America. But now it begins in Netherlands. The original real beauty blenders are the best way to apply foundation and other makeup. This handy real beauty of blenders Lauxter Cosmetics are edge-free, so you can blend the colors well.

The special shape of the  real beauty blender you can make up and foundation do in many ways. You can of large flat surfaces blending into precise corners. Because you can use several types of makeup with a true original beauty blender is recommended to use a different sponge for every shape and hue makeup.


The shape is the makeup sponge very versatile. As demonstrated in many Youtube videos our beauty blenders are the best way to apply your makeup. What the original beauty blender makes beautyblender goedkoop it so distinctive from the rest is the texture and quality. Because you can squeeze it you can do your makeup in any way. Listed the advantages:

  • ovoid so you can use it under various angles
  • By squeezing him you create even more precise point that you can do very detailed foundation
  • with the wide sides can be very even applying your makeup


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