Choosing the Right Fabric

There is such a tremendous selection of textile foil available; the job of choosing fabric can be overwhelming. As you peruse the different fabrics, you may be drawn to the bright, splashy colors at first. Then, the subtle colors, interesting textures and weaves present you with more possibilities. It is essential to be informed about foil for fabric, so that your project is successful. But, it is still important for you to fall in love with the fabric!

We will begin by breaking down the types of Hot stamping foil into categories, then sub-categories. You will want to know what the fabric foil is made of, how it will drape (flow), and what the care instructions are. One thing is for certain – it pays to invest in quality fabric, as you are going to put a lot of your energy into the project, and you want it to be a success.


The fiber content of a Textile foil will determine the comfort of the garment when you wear it, and how you will need to care for the garment. Usually, in a store, the fabric content will be on the end of the cardboard form Gold stamping foil that thefabric foil is wrapped around. Be sure to ask the sales people, as sometimes the form is re-used and does not match the fabric. If purchasing fabric from a web site, the information should be displayed with the fabric. In case you find fabric that the fiber content is unknown, it can be tested by burning it. More about fabric testing later.

Natural Fiber Gold stamping foil,:

– Cotton

– Linen

– Ramie

– Silk

– Wool

– Specialty Hair Fibers

Man-Made Fiber Hologram Film:

– Acetate and Triacetate

– Acrylic

– Nylon

– Olefin

– Polyester

– Rayon

– Spandex

Leathers and Suedes

Synthetic Suedes



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