How to Transfer Songs From iPod to iTunes

If you own an iPod then I’m sure you have would’ve tried to get songs off it and put them back on your hard drive at some point. And like most people I’m pretty sure your journey would’ve ended after realizing you cannot simply drag and drop songs back into iTunes or the hard drive. Getting songs or videos off the iPod is not as easy as it seems and you do need to have the proper tools to do so. To learn how to transfer songs from iPod to iTunes and get them on your hard drive continue reading below…

You see In order to protect the copyright laws of songs, music and videos and to reduce piracy, Apple has made it extremely difficult to copy or transfer music and videos between different iPod devices and transfer files from iPod to computer. I think they do it to increase their iTunes store revenue, but no matter what the reason is, the fact remains you cannot transfer songs from iPod to iTunes without some help.

The iTunes software isn’t going to do the job for you in this case. So what you will need is specific iPod to computer transfer software. These programs are specially designed to help you get your songs and videos off your iPod and transfer them to computer, iPhone or another iPod.

One particular program I would recommend, and the one I use on a regular basis to transfer songs off my iPod and off my friend’s iPod’s onto my computer is Cucusoft iPod/iPhone/iTouch to Computer Transfer. The software is very easy to use and best of all its free to download so you can start to transfer songs from iPod to iTunes right now.

So for anyone out there who needed to know How to transfer songs from iPod to iTunes then all you need is a good iPod to computer transfer program and you should be good to go. Just transfer the songs back onto your computer using Cucusoft ipod to computer transfer and then simply play them through iTunes and the songs will be in your playlist. That’s it; it’s that simple, check the links below to download free transferring software…root android, how to root android phone, how to root android tablet, how to root android freely, free android root tool, rooting android, Root Genius



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