How to Transfer Songs From Your iPod to the Computer

A few weeks ago I was hit with the unexpected surprise of my Hard Drive crashing and unfortunately all of my Music and Video collection, which took me years to amass , was gone in the blink of an eye and I was left with nothing. At first I began to panic and didn’t know what to do as I hadn’t created any backups, but then I remembered that luckily for me most of my music and videos were stored on my iPod so they were not gone forever. Now when I got a new computer I thought I could just start up the iTunes software and simply transfer songs from my iPod back to the computer, boy was I wrong!

You see the people over at Apple are very concerned about privacy and copyright laws so they have made it very difficult to transfer music or other files from your iPod to Computer or between different iPod devices by simply using iTunes. I cannot blame them for this concept as the music industry is suffering dearly from all the free downloadable music around these days. However how is someone like me supposed to recover their lost files and transfer songs and videos from the iPod back onto the computer?transfer files from PC to iPhone, how to transfer from pc to iphone, pc to iphone transfer, transfer music from pc to iphone, transfer music from pc to iphone, sync files from pc to iphone


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